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Chapter 4-Birthday Celebration

    Chapter 4-Birthday Celebration

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    However, such a lively celebration that was favoured greatly by the Emperor, did not reach Liu Yue’s secluded, scanty house.

    Liu Yue, on the other hand, didn’t care about the celebration at all. The previous Liu Yue had been abandoned by the Mu Rong family, so why would she care about those people who didn’t even deserve her attention.

    Sitting on the rattan chair outside of the house, Liu Yue rubbed her arms. Not bad, after a month of training, this body had improved a lot physically. It wouldn’t be blown away by wind any more. After a harsh period of training, she managed to improve her power and speed. Even though it had not even reached one-tenth of her previous self’s abilities, it was a relatively good improvement.

    Standing up, she stretched her body to relax her shoulders. Liu Yue then bound two pieces of iron metals around her body and prepared to run ten rounds around the courtyard, training her lower body.

    dop4-3“Ah, the Beast had actually came out under the sun, aren’t you afraid that you will scare the sun off?” A voice, sharp and unkind, suddenly sounded from afar. A group of men and women dressed in bright, gaudy clothes like a peacock walked over to Liu Yue.

    (TLN: I couldn’t find a better nickname for ugly…)

    Liu Yue frowned and stopped training. She turned around and faced the group of people.

    The group was headed by a woman who had some beautiful features, her body adorned in a green gown and her hair decorated with countless hairpins. She dressed up like a flower swaying on the tree branch, but looking from above, her head looked perfectly like a bird’s nest. No matter how she tried to dress up, she would never be a phoenix.

    Liu Yue’s gaze froze. It was Mu Rong Qiu, the woman who had caused the death of the previous Liu Yue.

    “That’s right. She didn’t even think about how she looked like. How dare she came out and scare others! Ah, my heart, it almost stopped because of this Beast! How are you going to take responsibility for this?” standing behind Mu Rong Qiu, a girl with an oval face and a haughty expression put on a sickly maiden act and clenched her fist over her chest, her expression full of mockery and disdain.

    After those words, the whole group started roaring with laughter. All kinds of scorning looks gazed down upon Liu Yue, who was still standing still at the place where she stopped.

    Butler Wu’s daughter, who had always accompanied Mu Rong Qiu, then started to walk forward. She wanted to bully Liu Yue by pushing her into the nearby pond.


    Liu Yue’s eyes flashed with killing intent, coldly looking at the person approaching her. That dark, pitch black eyes hid a force and depth that could engulf everything.

    The kind of Qi energy hidden beneath that calmness had unconsciously caused a ripple in the air, and silence ensued.

    Lashing the whip on her hands, Mu Rong Qiu looked at Liu Yue and felt a shiver. Her gaze was a bottomless pit, and she couldn’t help but felt threatened.

    Shaking off her unease and breaking her eye-contact with Liu Yue, Mu Rong Qiu suddenly felt that there was no Qi coming out from Liu Yue’s body at all. She was a perfectly normal person.

    So, it was still that weak Liu Yue.

    Thinking that, she started to charge forward. The apple of Liu Yue’s uncle’s eyes, the darling of the whole family and Tian Zhen Empire’s number one beauty, immediately unleashed all of her pent-up wrath and fury on Liu Yue.

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