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Chapter 5-Rules

    Chapter 5-Rules

    Translated By: Shiroyukineko

    TL: only chapter for today…down with fever :(

    dop5-1The whip on Mu Rong Qiu’s hands lashed ruthlessly, coming straight to Liu Yue’s face. Mu Rong Qiu shouted angrily, “What kind of look are you giving me? You dared look at me like that, are you tired of living? Looks like there were no people around to teach you lessons when I was in the official residence these few days. You don’t even know your own position. Today, I will teach you what’s called rules.”

    The pelting whip tore across the air, lashing towards Liu Yue.

    “Whip her, whip her with all your strength…:”

    “Miss Qiu, teach this rude Beast a good lesson…”

    Jeering voices rose up from amongst the people, cheering Mu Rong Qiu.

    An angry glance flashed through Liu Yue’s expression. If it was not her standing here today, and it was the old Liu Yue instead, this lash of whip might even take her life.

    She gave Mu Rong Qiu a cold gaze. She, Liu Yue, was not someone that was easily bullied by anyone.

    Still standing on her spot, Liu Yue’s hand moved in a flash and “shua” grabbed the lashing whip swinging in the air, still keeping her intense gaze on Mu Rong Qiu.

    The colourful long whip was stretched thin between Mu Rong Qiu and Liu Yue, both sides pulling relentlessly.

    “Ah?” the group of people that came with Mu Rong Qiu looked at Liu Yue in astonishment. The usually weak girl who never retaliated no matter how bad she was beaten up or sneered at, the girl who had zero martial arts ability, could actually withstood Mu Rong Qiu’s attack.

    “How dare you…”

    Before Mu rong Qiu even finished her question, Liu Yue suddenly jerked her hand and pulled the whip towards her. That Mu Rong Qiu could not even dream to be Liu Yue’s opponent, her long whip was snatched away from her hands in an instant, as it flew towards Liu Yue.

    “Beast, you dared to…Ouch…”

    dop5-3Before she can even finish her threats, Liu Yue had already grabbed the whip’s handle and lashed it back at Mu Rong Qiu. Only an after-image could be seen as the colourful long whip moved like a lightning across Mu Rong Qiu’s face. With just a whip from Liu Yue, Mu Rong Qiu flew across the courtyard.

    “Rules? Let me teach you a lesson about rules today.” grabbing the pointed end of the long whip, Liu Yue looked at her unemotionally. Lashing the whip on Mu Rong Qiu, she didn’t hold back even an inch.

    Since when would this Liu Yue let anyone jeer and step on her? Not now, not ever.

    “Ouch, ahh…”

    Mu Rong Qiu was flogged to the point that she rolled on the ground, screaming painfully.

    “You, you Beast…I’m going to tell…”


    Before Butler Wu’s daughter’s words even finished, Liu Yue also lashed the whip on her too. The long whip was like a poisonous snake that twisted around Butler wu’s daughter, tying her tight on the ground.

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