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Chapter 6-What sort of filth

    Chapter 6-What sort of filth

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    With a cold “humph”, Liu Yue swung her hands and the whip suddenly lashed out. The butler’s daughter, who was bound by the whip, was instantly thrown high up in the air.

    “Peng.” A loud slam was heard as the girl that was thrown fell down to the ground hard. She laid there, motionless.

    A sharp breaking sound resounded, she must had broken a few ribs.

    “What kind of filth are you, who dared to scream and shout at me?” A cold voice, undoubtedly carrying the strength of a tyrant, resounded.

    Previously, there was a government official who wanted her to assassinate a person, but he didn’t treat her respectfully. Just a little government official dared to make a big fuss at her, did he think Liu Yue was a soft-hearted person?

    “Ah…” The slaves in the surrounding could only react after a moment. They started to scream in panic.

    Liu Yue shot them a glance, and under her cold and austere look, the screaming slaves shut their mouth one by one. Their legs didn’t stop trembling but they did not dare to run. Under Liu Yue’s gaze, every single one of the could only keep silent in fear.

    When did the most useless miss, Liu Yue, in the Mu Rong family, had become so fearfully strong?

    dop6-1She continued to lash her whip on Mu Rong Qiu’s body that was filled with injuries. She was in such a pain that her screams slowly weakened, and then not even a moan came out from her.

    Seeing that, Liu Yue coldly humphed and folded the whip in her hands. She slowly walked towards the weak Mu Rong Qiu who could only squeak in pain and stepped on her hands. Increasing the pressure through her legs, a cracking sound resounded from Mu Rong Qiu hands as her bones were broken by Liu Yue.

    Not even a squeak was heard as Mu Rong Qiu laid limply, completely unconscious.

    She would not be able to practice martial arts in the future.

    The people around who was already shocked that they were trembling in fear, turned even paler watching the scene.

    “In my territory, I am the law.” coldly throwing these words at their face, Liu Yue threw the whip on her hands on the body of Mu Rong Qiu who had fainted. She then turned her body and entered her house.

    As a mercenary and assassin, she, Lin was the world number one in terms of abilities. She was the law, and she had set the laws in the assassination and mercenary world.

    dop6-2“Get lost.” Her austere voice carried the tone of an unquestionable order.

    Mu Rong Qiu, as the murderer of Mu Rong Liu Yue, you have to pay the price. Justice must be upheld.

    The slaves that were trembling with fear, upon hearing Liu Yue’s order, suddenly moved, as if released from a spell. They hurriedly carried the fainted Mu Rong Qiu and the butler’s daughter, retreated cautiously, and ran away like rabbits.

    This quiet courtyard, was finally quiet again.

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