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Chapter 7-Demon

    Chapter 7-Demon

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    Striding inside the house, Liu Yue looked at her hands, shook her head and muttered to herself, “Still not strong enough.”

    As the number one mercenary, she must be proficient with the Eighteen Weapons Types. Knowing how to wield a whip was not something strange.

    However, when she swung the whip today, her strength was far from her previous life’s abilities. Her grasp was weak. She had wanted to break four of Butler Wu’s daughter’s ribs, but she only managed to break three. Such a mistake might make a huge difference in saving a person’s life with modern medicinal advancement.

    This body still needs training.

    Clenching her fist, Liu Yue started to pack her clothes.dop 7-2

    Having crippled Mu Rong Qiu today, the elders in the family would definitely demand for justice. She was neither loved by her father, nor her grandmother and would not receive any support. Her current martial arts skills had not completely recovered. If she could not face her opponents directly, she could only avoid a direct confrontation with them.

    Anyway, the Mu Rong Residence was not a home to her. She had only stayed there to train her body and became strong enough to protect herself. Since she was already stronger now, it was time to leave this place.

    Liu Yue also had nothing much to bring, just a piece of jade pendant that she always wore and the pair of clothes on her body. After throwing in another two pieces of clothes, Liu Yue turned her body and started to walk out.

    dop 7-1“Running away after beating somebody up, is that one of your laws?” a lazy voice suddenly sounded beside Liu Yue’s ears. It came out of nowhere, without any warnings or signs.

    Liu Yue was alarmed. What kind of person could manage to come near her so quietly that even she herself did not realise his presence?

    Abruptly turning her body, she saw a figure of a black-haired man wearing a purple robe at the door, glimmering with sunlight. His face was a little dark as he had his back towards the sun.

    Sunlight glittered behind his body, the spectacle was simply astonishing.

    Liu Yue narrowed her eyes due to the bright sunlight.

    Under the golden ray, the sillhoutte of the man slowly became clearer.

    His features were sharp as sharpened sword. He had a pair of lush eyebrows and penetrating eyes, that had a tinge of ruthlessness in them. He was a sight to see with his high nose and cheery red lips that expressed a face of indifference.

    On their own, his features were not that outstanding, but when put together in his face, their charm surpassed even the scenery in spring and autumn. He had a grace as high as the mountains and deep as the sea.

    He was cold and charming at the same time, two types of personalities that shouldn’t have belonged together in the first place. He carried with him an air of evil and ruthlessness, but looked handsome and bright at the same time.

    Liu Yue had seen a lot of pretty boys in her previous life, but this man had managed to attract her for a moment.

    This man was a demon and a beast fused together.

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