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Chapter 8-The Visiting Person

    Chapter 8-The Visiting Person

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    The visiting person continued to stand outside the house, his arms folded across his chest as he watched Liu Yue. He looked around 16 to 17.

    Slowly putting her bundle of clothes down, Liu Yue faced the guy. He had the ability to approach her so silently that she didn’t realize his presence. Although it might be because this body was not trained enough, but still, she should not belittle this guy.

    “That’s none of your business.” Liu Yue replied him.

    As his mouth slowly stretched upwards, forming a devilish smile, the visiting person carelessly leaned on the side of the door. “Yeah, it’s none of my business, but I love to be part of it. You could be my business in the future.”

    This concluded that this visiting person came to pick a fight with her.

    Liu Yue frowned. This person had never appeared in her memory before. He couldn’t be from the Mu Rong Family. Since he wasn’t, she decided to not be hostile towards him.

    Turning her body and swinging her clothes bundle over her shoulders, Liu Yue strode forward and walked towards the door. She growled at him, “Move over.”

    The purple clothed guy was still leaning on the door although he had heard her words. He neither moved over nor blocked her path, but instead chuckled slowly, eyes full of interest in her.

    Seeing that he wasn’t stopping her, Liu Yue walked past him and out of the house.

    dop3“Some people are coming already. I heard the steps of 43, 44, 45, a total of 45 people. Ah, who do you think have come? Could it be your grandpa?” chuckling in a low voice, he whispered words that were as soft as wind. Those words made Liu Yue stop at her tracks.

    The people in the Mu Rong Family was already coming. News sure travel fast.

    She couldn’t leave anymore.

    “I don’t mind helping you carry some stuff.” An arm white as snow reached out to her, as the purple-clothed guy gave her a devilish smile. Taking the clothes bundle on Liu Yue’s shoulders, he turned his waist and revealed a silver coloured sword hung at his waist. He grabbed the sword and took it out from the sheath.

    “I’ll let you use this, but don’t embarrass me.” he said as he throw the sword to Liu Yue. The purple-clothed guy gave her a wide smile before retreating a few steps and sat lazily on a chair inside the house. He watched her calmly in this chaotic situation.

    Catching the sword in her hands, Liu Yue frowned. Don’t embarrass him? F**k off, she was not even related to him at all.

    Although she thought that in her mind, she didn’t say it out. She held the sword in her hands and took a few steps forward. Standing firm in the middle of her courtyard, the golden ray of sunlight shone magnificently on her body. Although clothed in a piece of old and tattered gown, she still had the arrogance and pressure of a ruler.

    At the entrance of the courtyard, noises of people coming could be heard.

    Slowly closing her eyes, Liu Yue used her hearing to listen. The steps of the people who were coming were disorderly, some were heavy, some were light. They clearly had different levels of martial arts.

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