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Chapter 9-Who’s Afraid of Who?

    Chapter 9-Who’s Afraid of Who?

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    One, two, three…37 people.

    Faintly frowning her brows, she deduced that she could only hear 37 people’s steps. But the purple-clothed guy said there were 45, so there were eight people’s steps that she couldn’t hear.

    This could only mean that these eight people were much stronger than her.

    Slowly opening her eyes, she lightly put two of her fingers on the sword blade.

    “You mongrel, you dared to murder your own cousin…” a thundering voice shouted at her as a bunch of people burst into the courtyard.

    Liu Yue’s eyebrows twitched a little as she swipe her fingers across the sword blade. The sword immediately made a “weng weng” sound, showing a sharpness beyond compare.

    It shone with a silver light, cold as the moon, under the sunlight.

    Bursting into the courtyard, they saw Liu Yue standing firm, alone in the wide courtyard, with a sword in hand, as if waiting for them. The austere and silent pressure she emitted stopped them in their tracks, making them afraid to move. This is Liu Yue…

    “Fifth uncle, who is the mongrel? I, Mu Rong Liu Yue, am the direct daughter of your third brother. Could it be that even I am a mongrel in your eyes?” Slowly tilting her head, Liu Yue asked in a light tone. That gentle tone flowed with the wind, right as her father, Mu Rong Yi, stepped into the courtyard.

    She looked gentle and calm, but her words were sharp and edged.

    Mu Rong Yi, having heard what she said, slowly frowned.

    Mu Rong Gang also frowned at the same time, and replied sharply, “The blood flowing through third brother’s veins is the blood of a talented warrior, fierce as a tiger and that of an elegant noble. He wouldn’t do something as evil as murdering his own relative. If he ever did such an atrocious act, he wouldn’t even be a member of our Mu Rong Clan. It was an act not befitting even animals.”

    dop2“That’s right, you evil witch. My daughter did you no wrong, yet you beat her up so much that her body is full of injuries. You even crippled her wrist. Not being able to practice martial arts forever is the same as becoming a cripple. We the Mu Rong Family will definitely not stand such an atrocious person as you in this house! I, Du Yuan Ru will never forgive you.” Mu Rong Qiu’s mother glared at Liu Yue with her eyes red in anger. She looked like she couldn’t wait to tear Liu Yue’s flesh apart and drink her blood.

    Liu Yue glanced apathetically across the people gathered in her courtyard. There were both young and old and there were a lot of unfamiliar faces. Maybe they had all grown up and she did not recognize their faces. However, this did not matter at all to her.

    Slowly wielding the sword in her hands, Liu Yue lifted her head and looked at her Fifth Uncle and Aunt who were furious beyond words. She coldly replied, “She did me no wrong? I, Mu Rong Liu Yue have lived here alone for 8 years and never stepped out of this courtyard in my life. Can I ask, Fifth Uncle and Aunt, where did I cripple Mu Rong Qiu’s hands? Where did I beat her up?”

    Silence filled the crowd, a short pause had ceased the ongoing spectacle.

    Mu Rong Liu Yue still stood at her original place, never moving a single step.

    Should this problem have not happened today, these people would not even know that there was a Mu Rong Family member living here.

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