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Chapter 10-I’m not easily bullied

    Chapter 10-I’m not easily bullied

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Quiet gazes fell unto Mu Rong Gang. Since Liu Yue had never left this place before, it was obviously Mu Rong Qiu who had came here to cause trouble. Mu Rong Qiu’s bossy attitude was well-known in the Mu Rong Residence.

    Immediately, the furious Mu Rong family members all started to calm down.

    “My daughter took pity on you the loner, that’s why she came here to accompany you from time to time. Instead, you had wasted all her good intentions and injured her to such an extent, you vicious person.” Mu Rong Gang looked coldly at Liu Yue.

    Upon hearing that, Liu Yue couldn’t help but laugh. On her ordinary face, her mesmerizing eyes that held the depth of an abyss was filled with sarcasm and irony.

    “Vicious? Well, Mu Rong’s weapon speciality is the sword, yet today the injuries in her body was from a whip. And I have never owned a whip in my life. Can I ask, did she came to accompany me here with a whip to scratch my back, or to kill the mosquitoes? Or maybe she is a masochist and wanted me to whip her?”

    As Mu Rong’s spoke, some of the people in the crowd started to snicker and laugh.

    Mu Rong Gang’s face turned green and white at the same time.

    “Fifth Uncle and Aunt, I, Liu Yue, am not that easily bullied. If you want me to seek your forgiveness after being beaten, I would never do it. You should not bully others too deep, those slaves who followed your daughter are not blind. The old Mu Rong Liu Yue is gone. I won’t be bullied today, and I would seek revenge for all the wrongs I have suffered.”

    dop1After she finished, Liu Yue immediately tore the sleeves of her clothes, revealing deep whiplash scars that decorated her whole pearl white arms. Although the scars had already healed a lot in one month, they could still be clearly seen. It was definitely scars that were caused by whipping.

    Silence fell unto the crowd as they watched Liu Yue, Mu Rong Gang and Du Yuan Ru.


    “Fifth brother, although I don’t particularly love my daughter, she is still my, Mu Rong Yi’s, daughter.” Mu Rong Yi who had kept silent throughout the whole spectacle suddenly coughed and turned to Mu Rong Gang.

    Mu Rong Gang frowned. The matter about her daughter bullying Liu Yue was not recent news, and there were no one who bothered to interfere previously. This Liu Yue had never dared to speak out nor retaliate, but she had suddenly created such a big problem today. There was such a big change in Liu Yue’s attitude, she had actually dared to talk back at him. She had covered all her scars previously but she chose to show them to all these people today. How could he explain this in a good way?

    No matter what, she was still Third brother’s daughter.

    Du Yuan Ru was also an astute person. Seeing such a reaction from Mu Rong Yi, she immediately turned to him and grovelled, “Third brother, sometimes Qiu-er can get too serious in practising her martial arts. She would sometimes come here to have a spar practice with Liu Yue. She had told me this before, but I had never taken it seriously or asked her about it. I only found out the truth today. Third brother, our children having injuries from a sparring match, isn’t that normal?”

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