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Chapter 11-Sparring Match

    Chapter 11-Sparring Match

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Scars from a practice match. It could be a plausible answer.

    Standing in the middle of the courtyard, Liu Yue immediately shouted out, not even waiting for Mu Rong Yi to reply Du Yuan Ru. “Since it’s normal to get injured in a spar practice, then why would Fifth Uncle and Aunt came here to interrogate Liu Yue? Liu Yue is still young and couldn’t control her own strength, how could you blame Liu Yue? In a spar practice, your life and death is decided by fate. Even though Liu Yue had so much scars, she never blamed or complained to others.”

    Following Du Yuan Ru’s words, Liu Yue’s argument couldn’t be rebuked, making Mu Rong Gang and Du Yuan Ru speechless.

    The silent Mu Rong Yi had instead begun to observe Liu Yue closely. His daughter was so different from the useless daughter who always cried in his memories. Would your personality change as you grew up?

    dop11“In a spar practice, your life and death is decided by fate. Good words. Liu Yue-meimei, looks like your physical abilities have increased greatly. Your foolish brother hoped to learn from you today.” In the short silence, an angry voice shouted out. An angry looking 17/18 years old guy walked out from the crowd.

    When he came out, the young people around started to sigh a relief. Some of them sneered while some of them mocked Liu Yue, taking joy at her misfortune.

    Liu Yue instead looked emotionlessly at the guy in front of her. Who was this person? She had no recollection of him.

    “Mu Rong Chun Shui, your Fifth Uncle’s eldest son. His abilities is only inferior to Mu Rong Chen and Mu Rong Li, amongst the younger generation.” Just as Liu Yue was frowning in an attempt to remember, a faint voice resounded at her ears. It was that purple-clothed guy, who was sitting inside her house, watching this whole drama.

    Mu Rong Chen and Mu Rong Li, one of them was her eldest uncle’s son, and the other was her father’s son. But she wasn’t close to any of them, she only vaguely remembered there were such two persons. With regards to their abilities, how would she know how powerful they were? So, naturally, she couldn’t deduce Mu Rong Chun Shui’s abilities.

    However, this was not a big problem. Her current strength may not defeat Mu Rong Gang’s generation, but why would she fear the younger generation?

    Looking at Mu Rong Chun Shui who was pointing his sword at her, Liu Yue clenched her jaws. She raised her left hand and beckoned Mu Rong Chun Shui to come with her forefingers, arrogant like always.

    She didn’t have any good feelings towards all of the Mu Rong family members.

    As Liu Yue agreed, the crowds started to clap their hands and cheered for the fight.

    The cheers made Mu Rong Chun Shui’s face ashen. He did not like to fight someone who was weaker than him, but his little sister was the one injured, so it was another story.

    Sword ready in his hands, Mu Rong Chun Shui said, “I’ll let you attack me three times.”

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