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Chapter 12-Martial Arts Ability

    Chapter 12-Martial Arts Ability

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    “There’s no need to.” an emotionless voice replied as Liu Yue suddenly appeared right in front of Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    Mu Rong Chun Shui’s eyes flashed with indignation. How dare she be rude towards him? He would teach her a lesson.

    Moving in an instant, his sword blade already flew towards Liu Yue.

    dop 11-2Liu Yue was not even flustered with the coming attack. Instead, she flew towards the sword, her sword pointing towards Mu Rong Chun Shui’s throat.

    Use your own life to take another’s life.

    This method of taking somebody down with them made the crowd of people watching gasp with shock. Nobody would ever think that Liu Yue would use such a method.

    Mu Rong Chun Shui frowned. Who would want to die together with her? He twisted his sword and retreated a step back.

    His legs had only started to move back when the sword in his hand was suddenly thrown up in the sky. Then, Liu Yue, who was right in front of him, suddenly disappeared. Before he could react, a cold and sharp object poked at his neck. That sharp tip made Mu Rong Chun Shui’s face turn pale immediately.

    dop11-3“You lose.” Standing behind Mu Rong Chun Shui’s back and pointing the sword at his neck, was Liu Yue.

    What she had learnt was not a superior fighting technique, but assassination techniques. Her sword moves would draw blood, not those kind of moves for a sword dance performance. It was a sword skill with killing intent.

    To take out his life with hers, he was definitely not worth it.

    The entire courtyard was filled with silence as the wind softly blew through the courtyard. Every Mu Rong family members standing on the side were dumbstruck, mouth agape.

    One move, with just one move, the third most powerful warrior amongst the younger generation, Mu Rong Chun Shui, was defeated under her hands.

    Heavens, this was indeed hard to believe.

    The courtyard was filled with cheerful and beautiful sun light, but it could not mask the thick killing intent swirling in the air.

    “Pa, pa, pa.” A single clapping sound started as two people appeared at the courtyard’s entrance. One of them was a cultured and refined nobleman who was clapping, his face full of amusement.

    The other was the Mu Rong clan’s head, Mu Rong Wu Di, the person who was celebrating his birthday today.

    Even though he was sixty, he didn’t look old at all. He even looked capable and strong, like he was still in his prime.

    “Liu Yue, lower your sword. How would you look like if you kept pointing the sword to your older brother?” Mu Rong Wu Di looked at Liu Yue with his clear eyes. Although his words were full of reproach, everyone could hear the excitement in his voice.

    As a family of generals, an individual’s strength in martial arts would decide their status in this Mu Rong Clan.

    “Yes, don’t be undignified in front of the Crown Prince. Liu Yue, come here and greet his highness, the Crown Prince.” This time, Mu Rong Yi’s face flushed red with pride and happiness, as he beckoned Liu Yue to come.

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