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Chapter 13-Coward

    Chapter 13-Coward

    Translation by: Shiroyukineko

    A mere 13-year-old girl managed to defeat Mu Rong Family’s third most promising youth, although her fighting technique was a little bit weird. Liu Yue had never had any martial art training since young, but today she displayed such a strange martial art technique. But why would this matter? She was his daughter, Mu Rong Yi’s daughter.

    Since she was his, Mu Rong Yi’s daughter, he didn’t mind all of these problems.

    “What if I said no?” Liu Yue coldly replied, still pointing her sword on Mu Rong Chun Shui’s trembling neck. A drop of fresh blood trickled down slowly, and a thick air of killing intent enveloped Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    Mu Rong Chun Shui did not come to spar with her. He came to kill her. So why would she let him go?

    Silence engulfed the courtyard. Everyone present were either looking at Liu Yue or Mu Rong Wu Di. Mu Rong Gang’s face was white as sheets. It had been hard for his Fifth House (TLN: Mu Rong Gang is the fifth son) to train such a talent, if Mu Rong Chun Shui died today, then their Fifth House…

    “Father…” Du Yuan Ru was already trembling as she sought help from Mu Rong Wu Di. However, seeing Mu Rong Wu Di’s expressionless face, she couldn’t bring herself to speak the rest of her sentence.

    It was a deafening silence. Even in such a large courtyard, the sound of fallen leaves could be heard.

    Liu Yue slowly tilted her head and licked her lower lips, her gaze blood-thirsty. She was really going to kill Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    In the silence, Mu Rong Wu Di nodded, “In a spar match, there is no place for a discussion. It’s all up to you.”

    Just that sentence announced the final decision.

    “Father…” All of a sudden, blood left Mu Rong Gang’s face. He stumbled back as his legs lost strength, while Du Yuan Ru had immediately fainted.

    Every single Mu Rong family members gasped as they watched the Mu Rong clan head abandoning Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    dop14-2Mu Rong Chun Shui, who was held at sword tip by Liu Yue, started trembling all over. His fear over his imminent death couldn’t be hidden any more.

    Watching Mu Rong Chun Shui who could not stop trembling like a rabbit, Liu Yue smiled coldly, “Coward.”

    With one word, Liu Yue put down her sword. This person was not even worth for her to kill.

    Seeing Liu Yue letting Mu Rong Chun Shui go, the surrounding Mu Rong family members heaved a sigh of relief and cheered at the same time.

    Mu Rong Wu Di, seeing this, smiled slowly as he beckoned Liu Yue to come, “Come, meet the Crown Prince.”

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