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Chapter 14-Sudden Comeback

    Chapter 14-Sudden Comeback

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    dop13-1“Heroes are made in their youths. Such a blessing that the Mu Rong family has a girl like this. Blessing.” Tian Zhen Empire’s Crown Prince, who was wearing a long yellow robe and standing beside Mu Rong Wu Di’s side, said, as he smiled at Liu Yue.

    The Tian Zhen Empire had an open-minded culture. As long as they had the ability, no one would care if they were women or men. Even women could be granted a government official’s position, or even conferred the title of “King”.

    (TLN: So there’s an emperor, and there would be many kings under him. Emperor’s oldest son would be Crown Prince, and the rest of the sons would be “Kings”. A hero who has contributed many achievements could also be conferred titles, highest title is “King”.)

    Putting away her sword, Liu Yue walked towards the Crown Prince. Although she was arrogant, she couldn’t offend somebody that should not be offended.

    dop14-1 A person’s strength could only go so far, but a country’s strength was unlimited.

    As Liu Yue walked nearer, the Tian Zhen Empire Crown Prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng, raised his eyebrows as he saw the silver sword in her hands, that shone under the bright sun light. Mu Rong Wu Di who was standing beside him also blinked his eyes.

    “Very good, you didn’t embarrass me.” Under the warm sunlight, an overbearing figure commented with a lazy voice, his long purple robe trailing behind him.

    “Third brother.” Xuan Yuan Cheng looked at the person coming out from Liu Yue’s house as a smile bloomed in his expressions.

    As for the other Mu Rong family members, seeing Tian Zhen Empire’s King of Yi, Xuan Yuan Che, walking out from Liu Yue’s house, started to whisper around. They suddenly came to an conclusion. How could the person who was abandoned and isolated for so many years learn martial arts? If she was taught by the King of Yi, then it would not be surprising that she managed to become so strong in such a short time.

    Previously, Mu Rong Gang had not taken much notice of the sword in Liu Yue’s hands because he was too furious. He only realized that the sword was actually King of Yi’s personal sword after Xuan Yuan Che showed himself.

    It was a treasure sword that was bestowed by the current emperor.

    In a moment, the smart-alecks nodded their heads one by one.

    They didn’t think, in such a tightly guarded general’s residence, could a person just treat it as their own backyard, coming in and out as they please?

    Seeing that the purple-robed guy was actually Tian Zhen Emperor’s third son, Liu Yue only frowned as she threw the sword back at him.


    However, with a wave of his sleeves, Xuan Yuan Che had flicked the sword back to Liu Yue.

    Liu Yue frowned as she caught the sword and looked towards Xuan Yuan Che.

    “I’ll let you borrow it for a while.” waving his sleeves, Xuan Yuan Che dragged the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng out of the courtyard.

    Glittering sunlight shone at that purple robe, dazzling all the others present.

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