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Chapter 15-Imperial Edict

    Chapter 15-Imperial Edict

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    The surrounding Mu Rong family members looked towards Liu Yue with jealousy.

    Liu Yue felt their gaze but chose to ignore them. She looked at the sword in her hands. This person was really a mystery.

    The next few hours made Liu Yue finally realized the meaning of going straight to heaven from hell, or the feeling when an ugly duckling turned into swan. The change was that drastic.

    From a secluded, dilapidated house, she moved to the main residence. Her tattered, coarse clothes turned into silk and satin. Her tasteless, sparse meals turned into exotic delicacies from around the country.

    She had 20 maids for manual labour, 20 maids that would serve in the inner mansion, and four personal handmaids, all bestowed by Mu Rong Wu Di’s wife, Xiang An Chen. All maids were personally selected of the highest quality by her grandmother.

    Everything turned so good that it couldn’t be better.

    However, she was not satisfied.

    The real Liu Yue might be so touched that she’d cry, but she won’t. She had experienced richness and extravagant life before, so she was not attracted by these.

    In the evening, the Mu Rong residence was even more lively. Other than Mu Rong Wu Di’s 60th birthday celebration, there was also a new expert in the Mu Rong family, so there were even more things to celebrate for.

    Liu Yue’s seat was right beside Mu Rong Wu Di. She watch the lively scene as if she was watching a play, with the others as the characters in a story and she, the spectator.

    Her father and stepmother were smiling so sweetly that it seemed flowers bloomed around them, as they received the flatteries and compliments from the rest of the family. They looked even happier than Liu Yue.

    (TLN: stepmother aka the main wife. Her birth mother was a concubine)

    However, other than the false well wishes, Liu Yue had also clearly noticed the people hiding maliciously in the dark.

    Smirking quietly, she, Liu Yue, wouldn’t even care about this Mu Rong Residence.

    By tomorrow, Mu Rong Residence and she, Liu Yue, would be two different entities. She would never want to stay in the Mu Rong Residence another day.

    Under the night sky, the stars glimmered like beads of diamonds.

    The bright moon light sprinkled the earth as it shone down a silver light.

    Then, dawn breaks.

    “Miss, wake up. The elder wanted to see you.” Four servant girls stood by her bed, holding washing basins and perfume as they quietly woke Liu Yue up.

    Liu Yue slowly turned her body and lazily stretched herself. Bright sunlight greeted her views. She straightened her hands intending to give the four servant girls a karate chop on their necks.

    Yesterday, she was stuck with those old geezers that kept latching on to her. Right now, it was her chance to sneak away.

    “Miss, miss, there’s a big incident, a big incident!” Before she even managed to move her hands, there was a furor outside her room. A servant girl barged into the room suddenly.

    Following right behind the servant girl was her stepmother, Yi Qiu Yin.

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