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Chapter 16-Marriage Bestowment

    Chapter 16-Marriage Bestowment

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: And now the 11 chapter marathon begins…Probably could only get 3-4 out today though…

    “I’ll go myself.” Liu Yue stood up as she coldly replied.

    “What a good girl you are. You are so capable even though you are only 13 years old.” Yi Qiu Yin was grinning from ear to ear.

    Hearing this, Liu Yue didn’t even give a shit.

    dop16-1The Mu Rong Residence Hall was crowded with people kneeling on the ground.

    “Accept the Mandate of Heaven. The Emperor has announced an imperial edict: Miss Mu Rong Liu Yue from the Mu Rong General’s Residence is an elegant, intelligent lady with both integrity and talent. She will be bestowed a marriage with the Third Prince, Xuan Yuan Che, and granted the position of the Princess Consort. The auspicious date will be selected at a later. End.”

    Sharp breaths could be heard all over the room. Liu Yue’s face turned black with anger. What does Xuan Yuan Che want from marrying her?

    “Thank you for Your Majesty’s grace.” Mu Rong Wu Di immediately bowed his gratefulness. There were a lot of people from his family with prestigious positions, but there were none who had received a Princess Consort position before. Today was his family’s lucky day.

    The whole house was beaming with happiness, the only person with a grumpy face was Liu Yue.

    “However, Eunuch Li, my Liu Yue is only 13 years old, this…” Families would usually wait until their girls were 14 years old before discussing their marriage. But Liu Yue was only 13 years old…The Old General could only laugh awkwardly.

    Eunuch Li quickly replied heartily, “It does not matter. The Third Prince has said that he would marry her first and then wait until the Princess Consort is old enough. Old General, your family’s Liu Yue is really forntunate, the Third Prince had even personally asked a favour from His Majesty to write this Imperial Edict. He would definitely take good care of Princess Liu Yue in the future.”

    “Really, then it’s okay. Haha, it’s alright then.” The hall was immediately filled with sounds of joy.

    “Oh right, Princess Consort, the Third Prince had also asked me to pass you this letter.” Eunuch Li was smiling sweetly as he took out a letter from his robe, passing it to Liu Yue respectfully.

    dop15-2Liu Yue opened the letter to read it.

    “Little imp, don’t give me a chance. If I catch you sneaking away, don’t blame me for breaking the promise of waiting till you are older.”

    The flamboyant and beautiful calligraphy swam across Liu Yue’s frozen face.

    This chap had actually seen through her thoughts and knew that she would leave the Mu Rong Residence.

    Amusement filled her eyes, as Liu Yue laughed aloud instead of getting angry. She smiled with hidden intention as she thought to give him a visit.

    When Mu Rong Wu Di and the others saw Liu Yue smiling, they had thought that Liu Yue was also earnestly hoping for this marriage. They became even more overjoyed.

    Liu Yue faced an endless stream of well-wishes and congratulations all over again.

    It seemed like in these two days, good things kept happening in the Mu Rong Residence. Yesterday they had welcomed distinguished guests from the Tian Zhen Empire Royal Family, and today another guest had come bearing an Imperial Edict.

    Mu Rong Residence had received so many gifts that they were reluctant to receive more.

    Liu Yue didn’t even bother with all the guests as she shut herself in her room, training her martial arts skills.

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