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Chapter 17-The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 1)

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    Chapter 17-The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 1)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    Liu Yue had suddenly became the Phoenix of the Mu Rong Residence. Her popularity even exceeded Mu Rong Xing, her cousin, who was dubbed the most beautiful woman in the Tian Zhen Empire.

    With regards to the matter of her shutting herself in her room and training her martial art skills, the elders were glad to see her so hardworking. The younger generations didn’t dare to approach her and could only hover outside her door, hence Liu Yue finally gotten the peace she needed.

    The moon rises in the night sky as night falls, calm as water.

    dop 17-1Liu Yue was wearing a blue-coloured male robe as she blew the light candles off. In the darkness, she sneaked away, running quickly through the endless dark night.

    None of the guards guarding outside her door realized that Liu Yue had escaped from her room.

    When there was a sudden change in brightness, people’s eyes would tend to need a few moments to adjust. Liu Yue had used this moment to kill people before, but right now she only used it to sneak away.

    She had already prepared everything during the day. Concealed in the darkness of the night, Liu Yue charged towards Tian Zhen Empire Royal Palace.

    With her sharp senses, she had already clearly identified all of the expert martial artists that Xuan Yuan Che had ordered to guard the Mu Rong Residence. She could not hear even a single sound from them, but she could sense their presence. Sensing presence was one of an assassin’s basic skill.

    Liu Yue hadn’t learnt the Light Body Technique in this world, but she had superb stealth skills, which would definitely surpass every single person in this world.

    (TLN: Light Body Technique-Qing Gong. Basically it’s a martial art technique that allows you to fly. Let’s pretend it exist.)

    Her small body moved like a cheetah as she dashed quietly without a sound in the dark night. She soon arrived at Xuan Yuan Che’s domain, and she quietly moved towards his residence.

    In this world, there was nobody who could get away with threatening her.

    She soon arrived at Liu Li Hall, the palace hall where Xuan Yuan Che lived in. His Duke’s Mansion was still under construction, hence, although he had been conferred the title “Duke”, he was still living in his Prince’s Residence.

    (TLN: Sorry guys…changing Xuan Yuan Che’s title from ‘King’ to ‘Duke’ (referring to chapter 14). Coz it’s kinda confusing that the King’s position was below the Crown Prince’s)

    And now, this large hall was filled with mist, and it was so quiet that even sounds of water dripping into the water surface could split the air.

    dop17-2Xuan Yuan Che leaned on a white jade bath as he soaked his body inside the warm water. His long black hair was draped over his back. Beads of water covered his ivory skin that was flushed with a shade of pink. In the thick fog, those beads of water slowly trickled down his skin. This scene, although it was only his back, was alluring in its own way.

    Liu Yue who was hiding right outside the bath, frowned her brows slightly. He had actually made her watch such a steamy scene. She had watched a lot of ** in her previous life, but there was never a person who could make her feel this way just by watching his back. (TLN: ** is in the raws…)

    This Xuan Yuan Che must really be a devil.

    Still frowning her brows, Liu Yue stealthily moved closer. Looks like she came at the right moment.

    “Little imp, I really shouldn’t have belittled you.” Liu Yue had only taken one step as a hearty sound of laughter burst out suddenly.

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