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Chapter 18-The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 2)

    Chapter 18-The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 2)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: One more chapter and I’m done for the day…

    Liu Yue quietly laughed in her heart, despite the shocked expression she had on the outside. Her figure disappeared suddenly as her sword charged towards Xuan Yuan Che, who had quickly retreated back with his Light Body Technique.

    dop18-1Xuan Yuan Che who was soaking in the water, had suddenly dodged Liu Yue’s sword as he snatched the piece of long cloth at his side. The cloth which had been soaked from the steam in the bath, turned into a coiling dragon in Xuan Yuan Che’s hands. The cloth shot towards Liu Yue who was hurriedly retreating backwards.

    It was as fast as lightning, imbued with his inner energy.

    In just a moment, a strong, powerful inner energy surrounded her. Before she could even react, that piece of long cloth had already twisted around her body.

    The cloth tightened at her waist as her body suddenly flew across the air.

    There was only sounds of water splashing as Liu Yue fell into the bath, right into Xuan Yuan Che’s embrace.

    His enchanting face was flushed red with steam. From the back, Xuan Yuan Che’s red skin could pass as a devil. His real identity should have been a thousand year old devil, who had the ability to dazzle human beings and take their souls away.

    dop18-2The corners of his mouth curled upwards as he smiled with amusement. Xuan Yuan Che’s hands rubbed across his Liu Yue’s red lips as he spoke, “You couldn’t even let me rest a bit. But, I like you this way…” (TLN: Are u masochist…?)

    Just as he finished his words, that flirtatious look on his face suddenly disappeared as Xuan Yuan Che looked down towards his chest. A cold, sharp blade was piercing his skin. It was a spring-loaded arrow hidden in Liu Yue’s sleeves. Its black arrowhead was aimed right at his heart.

    Liu Yue hid the shock from her expression, as she slowly laughed. In a long distance fight, without a cannon or sniper, she could never match these ancient people who could leap onto roofs and vault over walls. But in a short distance fight, nobody would dare to claim they are better than her.

    “Do you still like me this way?” An enchanting smile bloomed across Liu Yue’s lips, with a tinge of blood-lust and a sneer.

    Xuan Yuan Che who was looking at his chest mirthlessly slowly lifted his head and looked straight into Liu Yue’s eyes.

    Her small oval face was quite ordinary, but that pitch-black, deep, piercing eyes had emitted a charm that blew his breath away. That smile on her lips brought out all of her charm, making him unable to tear away his gaze from her.

    Dammit, her face was as expressionless as stagnant water previously. But with this smile, she had actually turned as bright as the sun. Xuan Yuan Che was not a person who had never seen beauties before, but he was nevertheless deeply attracted to her at this moment.

    His mouth slowly curled up into a charming, devilish smile as Xuan Yuan Che laughed aloud.

    Completely not caring about the arrow on his chest, Xuan Yuan Che reached out his hands to touch Liu Yue’s long hair that was wet from the bath, as he replied, “I’m liking you more and more, what would you do?”

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