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Chapter 19-The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 3)

    Chapter 19: The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 3)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: 3 chapters down, 7 more to go…tomorrow. Night guys.

    Liu Yue frowned as she tightened her grip on her spring-loaded arrow. The moment she used a little bit of strength, the spring-loaded arrow would have pierced into Xuan Yuan Che’s heart. “You could like me more.”

    Xuan Yuan Che looked at Liu Yue who was small-sized, yet bossy as hell, standing right in front of him, and suddenly laughed aloud. His big hands started to rub Liu Yue’s head as he laughed, “Yes, yes. You are very special. I like it.”

    Seeing that Xuan Yuan Che was not even afraid of her arrow in the least, Liu Yue harrumphed coldly, “It’s a pity that I don’t like you at all. I came here today to warn you. Stop interfering with my life, I don’t have the time to play with you.”

    dop19-2After finishing her sentence, she straightened her idle right hand into a chop and swung it towards his neck.

    (TLN: Karate chop to the neck = instant loss of consciousness)

    “Little imp, your claws are quite sharp.” Xuan Yuan Che laughed lightly as he suddenly moved his hand and grabbed Liu Yue’s sleeves.

    When Liu Yue saw this, her eyes flashed with fury as she set the arrow in her hands off.

    The blasted arrowhead did not draw blood as Liu Yue felt the arrowhead slid away. Xuan Yuan Che’s flesh was weirdly shrinking as the arrowhead had pierced through his outer skin layer, but it couldn’t pierce deeper.

    Dammit, the strength of her hands was not enough.

    Liu Yue frowned her brows. This body only had one tenth of her previous strength, if only she had regained her previous condition, such a problem wouldn’t have existed.

    “The current you would not be my opponent.” A cold snicker resounded in her ears. Though cold, they carried an air of arrogance.

    Liu Yue wrinkled her brows and suddenly hit the water surface. With her body slanted, she flew across the bath and landed on the edge of the bath.

    With her attack foiled, she didn’t have another chance to attack.


    A thick air of energy had surrounded her quickly. It was his inner energy.

    Xuan Yuan Che who was gloriously naked from head to toe got out from the bath, his tall figure fully exposed in Liu Yue’s eyes. His messy long hair draped over his broad shoulders as cherry red nipples decorated his porcelain white chest. His waist flowed smoothly down to his perfect long legs, as six-packs strong looking abs covered his stomach.

    Beads of water blossomed on his skin that was flushed red from the steam, giving out a smell of **. This person was indeed the heaven’s masterpiece in perfection.

    Liu Yue raised her brows. This person, damn his sex appeal.

    As her fingers slowly moved in her sleeves, she prepared her final attack.

    That unparalleled face was brimming with a devilish smile, as Xuan Yuan Che watched Liu Yue who was standing at the edge of the bath. He walked closer step by step, as his eyes rudely feasted on Liu Yue’s body, who was drenched from head to toe.

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