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Chapter 20-The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 4)

    Chapter 20: The Spar in the Bathroom (Part 4)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: 7 chapter marathon starts…or not. probably 4-5. Author is really misleading in this chapter. Thank you sponsor!

    That mesmerizing eyes swept through her, and his gaze fell on the exposed flesh on her shoulders. Seeing her exposed shoulders, Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes turned serious little by little.

    Liu Yue frowned seeing this.

    After a few steps forward, Xuan Yuan Che stood right in front of Liu Yue, his gaze still fixated on Liu Yue’s exposed shoulders. He reached out his hands to gently caress that flesh.

    There was endless whip scars all over her shoulders.

    As his fingers slowly caressed her shoulders, Liu Yue felt a gentleness that could not be described with words. Then, Xuan Yuan Che slowly crouched down, lifting up Liu Yue’s trousers. That snow white legs was also filled with scars.

    Looking at Xuan Yuan Che crouching in front of her, she slowly extended her hands and put it on his forehead.

    “Is it still painful?” a pair of large, warm hands rubbed her skin that was abused with scars. A flash of killing-intent appeared in Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes, yet his hands was still gently caressing her scars.

    Is it still painful? Liu Yue froze and her hands stopped moving. Nobody had ever asked her that question before. She was the number one assassin, and everyone had regarded her as a piece of iron or steel, unbeatable. Nobody had ever asked her if her injuries was painful or not.

    The previous Mu Rong Liu Yue had also no one to care for her well-being.

    Raising her eyebrows, she thought that this feeling was strange, but it felt nice.

    Liu Yue lowered her head and looked at Xuan Yuan Che, who was kneeling right in front of her.

    The scars she had hidden… Although it had disappeared a lot, the marks could still be clearly seen.

    Xuan Yuan Che’s alluring eyes turned sombre as his warm hands explored every inch of Liu Yue’s flesh. Although his gaze carried a little blood-lust, he gently said, “In the future, I would be your mountain. Whoever dared to bully you, I’ll return it tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye.”

    Such gentle words had actually bore the weight of a fierce and unshakable determination.

    I’ll be your mountain. These simple words had actually stirred up a storm in Liu Yue’s heart.

    Liu Yue looked into Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes. That pair of eyes shone with a grim and austere look, yet they couldn’t hide a flash of love as he said those words. This person had meant the words he said.

    Mountain. Yet again, nobody had ever said these words to her. Correction, nobody had ever dared to say these words to her. She had united the sky and she was the cloud and rain. Mountain, humph, she would never believe that there would be a person who was worthy enough for her to depend on.

    However, even the strongest person would long for a safe harbour to rest. Even the proudest person would need a warm embrace that they could depend on. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to rely on anyone, she just hadn’t found the right person, and nobody had ever made such a promise to her.

    Laughing slowly, Liu Yue lifted Xuan Yuan Che’s face and said, “I would never forgive anyone who bullied me, even if it is you.”

    Though she said those words, she took back her hands that were resting on Xuan Yuan Che’s forehead. That’s enough, today, with his kind words, she would let him go.

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