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Chapter 21-You Are Mine

    Chapter 21: You Are Mine

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: and I am yours…

    Xuan Yuan Che didn’t know that he had just escaped from death. He thought it was fine as there wasn’t any inner energy emitted by Liu Yue nor hidden weapon hidden in her hands. But he didn’t know that what Liu Yue had intended to use…wasn’t inner energy.

    He should be angry listening to Liu Yue’s cold words, but looking at those whip scars, he couldn’t have the heart to be angry with her.

    He laughed, “What are you doing trying to act strong in front of me? I would never bully you. There, from this day onwards, you are mine. Find me if you have any problems. You don’t have to pretend that you are strong in front of me. You don’t have to face everything alone. I’m your husband, and I’m not just for decoration.”

    As he said that, he stood up and drew a crooked smile. He reached out and rubbed Liu Yue’s nose, his eyes full of understanding and love.

    Yesterday she was independent and unyielding, and when she attacked, she did it cold-heartedly without mercy. He understood why. She wasn’t like that from the beginning, she became that way due to her difficulties. She was strong, proud and cold-hearted, but she was also lonely. Just like him, she was also alone.

    That’s why in the moment he saw her, he felt that they, the lone wolves, should belong together.

    As Liu Yue looked at Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes, she felt that he was opening himself to her, so much that she felt that she could understand him thoroughly.

    He was similar to her, that’s why he chose her.

    Looking at Xuan Yuan Che from head to toe, every inch of his skin was a perfection. His piercing eyes shone with a great sincereity.

    She changed her mind.

    “If I am yours, then, you…are mine.” With such a perfect guy as her husband, maybe, she wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

    In her previous life, she had never gone through such things. She had never married a significant other. Yet in this life, she was unexpectedly pushed into a marriage. Ah, she could only accept her life as it is.

    Xuan Yuan Che froze when he heard her, and then laughed aloud. Amusedly, he said, “Yes, yes. I’m yours.”

    He agreed in a joking, teasing way.

    Liu Yue, seeing the amused Xuan Yuan Che, snapped in a domineering tone, “You should keep this point in mind. You should never betray me, otherwise… you won’t be able to repay the price of betraying me.”

    After saying these words, Liu Yue decided not to leave anymore. She tore away her clothes that was thoroughly drenched, turned her body and walked towards Xuan Yuan Che’s bed.

    Since he was hers, then his place should be hers too.

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