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Chapter 22-Recovery of Martial Arts Skill

    Chapter 22: Recovery of Martial Arts Skill

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    Watching Liu Yue brashly walking towards his bed, Xuan Yuan Che could only raise his eyebrows at her overbearing attitude. Yet, amusement filled his eyes. She had actually meant her words.

    Looking down, he saw a yellow mark at his fingertips. Xuan Yuan Che lifted his eyes and looked at Liu Yue from afar. Turns out that his Princess Consort had had another trick up her sleeves.

    The enchanting night passed as the night wind blew.

    Time passed quickly, and soon, it was already a month.

    dop21-1 “Boom!” A sharp and clear shattering noise resounded. Liu Yue was in the Palace Courtyard, shattering a large stone with a simple dagger into small pieces.

    Standing closely guarding behind her was Xuan Yuan Che’s subordinate, a Dragon Rider Guard. He was Qiu Hen, first in command. His lips twitched endlessly as he looked disbelievingly at his Duke’s Princess Consort, the ordinary looking Mu Rong Liu Yue.

    If one had trained their Inner Skills to the level of the Duke, they could probably shatter the big rock with a sword. But she didn’t even use Inner Energy, she only used a weird style of martial arts skill. How could such a small, insignificant dagger have the power to shatter such a big rock?

    His Duke had even ordered him to protect the Princess Consort. With such a skill, why would she need extra protection? It seemed like she would be the one protecting him when danger comes.

    Qiu Hen’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief, but they were also filled with adoration and respect for the Princess Consort.

    Their Princess Consort was still so young.

    And she was already so powerful.

    dop21-2In the courtyard, Liu Yue held her dagger as a proud smile bloomed on her lips.

    She had finally recovered her former martial arts skills and strength.

    She swept her gaze over the big rock. Every thing on earth would have it’s own weakest point, the same goes with this rock. When it’s weakest point was attacked, it would definitely crumble in an instant.

    What she had learnt in her previous life was to find her enemy’s weakest point and how to give them a fatal attack.

    Killing people was the same. You would not need an extravagant, powerful martial arts skills, nor a sharp or mighty weapon. You would only need a strike, a fatal strike. Even with a rusty sword, it would become a sharp and powerful weapon in her hands.

    Flinging her dagger up and down recklessly, Liu Yue turned around and said to Qiu Hen, “Did you finish making the thing that I requested?”

    When Qiu Hen saw Liu Yue looking at him, he immediately bowed his body in reflex as he replied, “Replying Princess Consort, we have finished preparing. It is in the palace hall right now.”

    Liu Yue nodded as she listened, then turned her body and entered the Palace Hall. It was a preparation that she needed. If she couldn’t make a cannon here, a small improvement with the current weapon technology wouldn’t be a problem for her.

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