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Chapter 23-A Gambling Game

    Chapter 23-A Gambling Game

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    After Qiu Hen respectfully watched Liu Yue walked away, he suddenly jerked his head up. She wasn’t exactly an official Princess Consort yet as she had not married the Duke. Why would he be so courteous towards her and listen to all of her orders?

    He was the leader of the best army in Tian Zhen Empire, the Dragon Riders. Even the 3rd-ranked official in Tian Zhen Empire would have shown respect to him.

    Qiu Hen pouted his lips. Liu Yue had been emitting an aura of a grand ruler that made him follow her unconsciously.

    He couldn’t rebel against her.

    These few days, Liu Yue’s powerful talent had grown tremendously, and it would continue even in the future. That kind of strength that he had seen her release sometimes was so much more powerful than his. He guessed that only their Duke could probably match her strength.

    “Officer Han, Officer… Princess Consort…” Inside the palace hall, as Liu Yue was just about to lift her new weapon, the guard who had always been staying at Xuan Yuan Che’s side, Yan Hu, suddenly charged into the hall.

    Officer Han who was standing at Liu Yue’s side immediately frowned, “Why are you so flustered? What would you do if you startled Princess Consort?”

    Yan Hu immediately calmed his breath down and stood respectfully at the door.

    “What happened?” Liu Yue’s gaze swept past Yan Hu in a flash as she asked.

    In this one month, she had been staying at Xuan Yuan Che’s Palace. She knew very well that these guards would usually not say anything much. Yan Hu was usually very serious, yet today he displayed such anxiety. Even though he was calm now, his eyes and expression were still full of anxiety. It must have been a problem concerning Xuan Yuan Che, otherwise, even if the sky collapse, they would never shown such an expression.

    Yan Hu was also mlitary-trained. With nothing to do these few days, he had also observed Liu Yue’s fighting skills. At the beginning, he didn’t think much on her clean and concise technique. But as she trained her skill day by day, he finally had a whole new level of respect for Liu Yue.

    This was because he knew that her certain-kill technique would definitely be too much for him to receive, even if it was only a single attack. Thus, in this Tian Zhen Empire that placed utmost importance on each individual’s strength, he could only feel respect, even towards such a young girl.

    In the moment he heard Liu Yue’s question, Yan Hu immediately replied aloud, “Today, when the Duke was training in the millitary drill ground, the Crown Prince, The second prince, the Fifth Prince and the Seventh Prince had came. They had heard the news that Princess Consort was staying at this place. So they had persuaded the Duke to invite them to his house for a drink.

    As they talked, the Princes had suggested a gambling game, and the Duke had agreed.

    However, they had invited a gambling expert to play for them. Right now, the Duke had already lost two of his residences. I am here right now because he had ordered me to get the land deeds.”

    Yan Hu tried to explain the whole situation clearly to Liu Yue, as shortly as he could.

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