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Chapter 24-Three Versus One

    Chapter 24-Three Versus One

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Sorry for the late post, stuck with the new anime I accidentally watched, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. OHHH THE FEEELLLLSSSS!!! Thank you sponsor!

    “Expert gambler.” Liu Yue rolled up her sleeves and coldly harrumphed.

    “Let’s go and see.” With a wave of her hands, Liu Yue took off the men’s clothes that she was wearing for her training and walked out of the door.

    Yan Hu, Official Han and even Qiu Hen could only look at each other, and then they hurried to follow her.

    dop24-1 Thousand Flowers Pavillion. It was the most famous and most expensive House of Pleasure in Tian Zhen Empire. Everyone that visited this place was of high social status. The ladies in this place were all talented and good looking. They had clean reputations where they boasted their skills and talents instead of selling their bodies. However, technically, this place was still a brothel. It was just a little more prestigious.

    Leaping down from her horse carriage, Liu Yue’s gaze swept past the brothel’s name.

    She smiled coldly as she strode inside. Yan Hu hurriedly opened the path for her. The brothel’s Madame immediately smiled and welcomed them inside.

    “Third Brother, open it quickly, don’t be such a sore loser.” She hadn’t even took a step in when she heard loud voices coming from the room.

    dop24-2“Seventh Brother, you are exaggerating. Amongst all the princes, Third Brother is the richest, he even had three times more assets than Oldest Brother. Anyone in this world can say that they couldn’t afford to lose, but Third Brother couldn’t.”

    A gentle voice that seemed to side on Xuan Yuan Che came forth, but in reality, he was just after Xuan Yuan Che’s wealth.

    “Oldest Brother’s wealth is boundless like the ocean, and in the future the whole world would be his. If I am wealthier than Oldest Brother, Second Brother, where would you place Oldest Brother?” an indifferent voice replied. His voice seemed indifferent, but in reality, he was hiding deep intentions.

    “Haha, this topic has gotten too far off. Let’s come back to the main topic. Third Brother, quickly open it.” a cheerful voice quipped.

    “Yes, yes, quickly open it. If Third Brother didn’t put your houses on stake, we wouldn’t have extra houses to let Third Brother use in the future.” The room was suddenly bursting with laughter.

    “Your Third Brother hasn’t become that poor yet. Just a few houses, it is not even worth mentioning.” Xuan Yuan Che’s voice resounded, calm and collected.

    So generous, Liu Yue smirked as she reached out her hands and pushed the door open, stepping into the room.

    “Let me open it.” Liu Yue declared with a clear voice as she swept her gaze through the people in the room. She then walked towards Xuan Yuan Che, who didn’t have any prostitute at his side.

    Xuan Yuan Che’s dark gaze that was devoid of expression fell on her.

    Xuan Yuan Che didn’t expect that Liu Yue would come. After overcoming his initial shock, he looked Liu Yue deeply, and then lazily leaned on his chair and said, “Sure, open it.”

    “Who is she? What gave her the right?” The Seventh Prince who looked gentle yet had a loud voice observed Liu Yue from head to toe, immediately looking down on her.

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