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Chapter 25-Let Me Gamble

    Chapter 25-Let Me Gamble

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    The wise Second Prince and the gentleman Fifth Prince, seeing Xuan Yuan Che’s reaction, carefully observed Liu Yue, wisely choosing not to say anything.

    “Seventh Brother, this is your future sister-in-law, don’t be so rude.” The Crown Prince who didn’t comment at all during the earlier banter reproached the Seventh Prince after nodding towards Liu Yue.

    “So this is the ugly…” Xuan Yuan Che had suddenly given him a death glare before the Seventh Prince could finish his words. The sharpness of those glare made the Seventh Prince shut his mouth at once.

    Previously, even after losing so much, Xuan Yuan Che was not angry at all.

    “Since it is our future sister-in-law, of course you have the right to open it.” The young yet mature Second Prince smiled towards Liu Yue who was already sitting at Xuan Yuan Che’s side.

    LIu Yue nodded and smiled at back at him, then looked at the man with two lines of mustache sitting across her, who looked like a molester. Those exceptionally clean hands that looked like it was carefully taken care of, didn’t escape her eyes.


    Inwardly snorting in her mind, Liu Yue reached out to open the cup. At the same time, she glanced at the other side’s opened dices, a six and two fives. Their chances of winning was already very high.

    Her fingers made a small tap on the cup, unseen by normal eyes. Then, Liu Yue lifted the lid.

    “6, 6, 5.” Seventh Prince’s eyes bulged open as he stared at the dices in front of him. Disbelief filled his expression.

    The man beside him who looked like a molester was also staring in disbelief. He glanced at Liu Yue but then quickly averted his eyes.

    “Che, how do you guys play this game?” Liu Yue asked cheerfully, as she played with the lid and smiled towards Xuan Yuan Che who was sitting beside her.

    Xuan Yuan Che raised his brows. Liu Yue was suddenly so affectionate towards him…Ah, there’s something up her sleeves… He immediately laughed with her and replied, “It was Second Brother who set up the rule. Everyone will have a turn as the banker. Each game has three turns. The amount to gamble for each turn is set by the banker in charge of that game. Seventh Brother was the banker in this game, now it is my turn.”


    Liu Yue nodded after hearing the rules. She then turned towards Seventh Prince and showed a childish expression of a thirteen year old girl as she frowned and said, “So it is our turn…Then, I’ll bet this much… If our luck has already been used up for the previous bet, then we would be in trouble…Yeah, we must be more careful.”

    As she finished, she put down a single golden leaf and nervously smiled at the Seventh Prince.

    The Second Prince and Fifth Prince watching the scene, frowned as a glimmer of doubt flashed across their eyes.

    The Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng sitting on the side slowly smiled and sipped his alcohol, choosing not to interfere.

    The Seventh Prince looked closely at Liu Yue. He had heard that this girl had been abandoned by the Mu Rong Family for eight years. They had only realized that she was a talented martial artist recently. But she was still only a thirteen years old, young and naive little girl.

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