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Chapter 26-Shocking Stakes

    Chapter 26-Shocking Stakes

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    Looks like Xuan Yuan Che was just lucky in that previous game, getting such large numbers. It wasn’t her doing, so why would he be afraid of her.

    “Sure, since sister-in-law has said the word, Seventh Brother will humbly obey.” Seventh Prince smiled sweetly and followed her, throwing a piece of golden leaf.

    (TLN: Seems like their currency are golden leaves)

    Today, he had won three of Xuan Yuan Che’s mansions, with a total worth of more than 100,000 golden leaves. Such a small amount of bet could hardly matter to him.

    “You can shake your dice.” Seeing that both sides have put down their stakes, the lady-in-waiting acting as the judge started the game with her honeyed voice.

    dop26-1Lightly holding the cup with both of her hands, Liu Yue started shaking the dices violently.

    Seventh Prince couldn’t help but laugh aloud seeing such a scene. This was definitely not a gambling skill, she was even more foolish than his Third Brother.

    Only the molester-looking guy was carefully observing Liu Yue as he frowned. However, it was not his place to say anything.

    “455 versus 126, Seventh Prince won.”

    Seeing the results, Liu Yue turned towards Xuan Yuan Che and blinked her eyes. “We are doomed…All our luck has been used up…”

    Xuan Yuan Che embraced Liu Yue with both his hands. Seeing a flash of killing intent hidden beneath her discouraged expression, he couldn’t help but laugh and said, “It’s okay.”

    “Once more, this time with two golden leaves.”

    “I follow.”

    “456 versus 235. Seventh Prince won.”

    dop26-2Liu Yue watched the two golden leaves moved towards Seventh Prince place from her side and gritted her teeth. Dissatisfaction filled her expression as she said, “This time I want to gamble a little bigger.”

    “Sure, whatever sister-in-law put down, Seventh Brother will follow through.” Seventh Prince thought that Liu Yue was like an ordinary gambler who would get angry if she lose a bet. He didn’t think much and replied quickly.

    These few golden leaves, how big would it get?

    As he finished his sentence, the Second Prince and the Fifth Prince both started to frown. They gave a reproachful look towards Seventh Prince, but couldn’t say anything.

    “Okay, you are the one who said these words, Seventh Prince. Your Majesty the Crown Prince, you have heard it clearly right?” Liu Yue looked at Xuan Yuan Cheng and laughed softly, her previous ignorance and naive expression completely gone from her face now.

    In the room, other than the hot-headed Seventh Prince, the other two’s faces had turned pale.

    “Naturally.” Xuan Yuan Cheng looked at Liu Yue and nodded, smilling.

    “Alright. Qiu Hen, bring me the stakes.” Liu Yue curled her arms on Xuan Yuan Che’s arms.

    Qiu Hen, who was standing right behind Xuan Yuan Che from the moment he entered, quickly moved forward and brought out a scroll from his robe. He put it down on the table respectfully.

    “There are seven residences in the capital under Xuan Yuan Che’s name, worth 500,000 golden leaves. There are also two Jade Artefact Shops, worth 700,000 golden leaves. His Grace also owned 30,000 mu (1 mu is 6.67 hectares) of land and servant lodgings, totalling 3,100,000 golden leaves. Including the summer residences in Yanzhou and Taizhou that are worth 170,000 leaves, the total assets amount to 4,470,000 golden leaves.”

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