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Chapter 27-Who’s Afraid of Who?

    Chapter 27-Who’s Afraid of Who?

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Sorry for the late post… Having a super bad day, it’s the kind of day that made me contemplate about life. Anyway, for those who are wondering how to play the gambling game, see here. It is similar to the Chinchirorin game for those who played Suikoden 2 before. Lol anyone played that game? Or am I too old? And omg. I’m addicted to this playlist. It just sucked me in and turned me into a melancholic mess, but I just can’t stop listening to it. Seriously how can humans make such beautiful music?! Oh the feels…

    dop27-1 Every sentence that was spoken by Qiu Hen’s cold voice made Seventh Prince’s eyes opened wider and wider. That face was a shadow of his previously proud expression. It had flashed a moment of fury, but they had all turned into shock now.

    This was all of Third Brother’s wealth.

    But 4,470,000 golden leaves…Even if he sold himself, he wouldn’t worth so much.

    The ladies-in-waiting who were enjoying the drama at the side were also shocked to the core. There were even those who were so shocked that they fainted.

    Heavens, 4,470,000 golden leaves…This, even if an ordinary man lived 10 lives, he wouldn’t have that much wealth.

    The atmosphere turned heated in just a moment.

    Xuan Yuan Che embraced Liu Yue’s small body and swept a gaze to the others whose faces had gone deathly pale. Although he already knew that Liu Yue would launch a final attack, he didn’t expect her to bet all of his wealth. This time, if he won, Second, Fifth and Seventh Brother would have to give all of their families’ fortune to pay their debts to him.

    “Miss Mu Rong, don’t you think you’ve bet too high?” Second Prince was indeed the calmer one, in this kind of situation, he could still question Liu Yue calmly.

    “Is it? Why don’t I feel that it is big?” Liu Yue turned and faced the Second Prince, laughing, “Since I’m the banker, I wouldn’t be afraid to bet high stakes.”

    As she said that, Liu Yue turned and glared at the Seventh Prince.

    dop27-2“I, I don’t have that much…don’t have that much wealth…” The Seventh Prince sucked in a short breath, stuttering a little.

    “Yan Hu.” Liu Yue immediately commanded in an indifferent tone.

    Yan Hu who was guarding outside the door, quickly came into the room, bringing with him a piece of paper and a brush.

    Seeing this, although Xuan Yuan Che was still looking grim and devilish, his eyes seemed to laugh uncontrollably. Turns out his Liu Yue had already prepared everything beforehand.

    “We can draw a contract of loan.” Liu Yue laughed softly at Seventh Prince whose face colour was no different than a dead man right now. She slowly inclined her body towards the Seventh Prince. “What if…you won this turn? It would be a wealth that could last through several generations of your family. Having so much wealth, who would even dare to cross you, the Seventh Prince, in the future?

    Her deep dark eyes bored into the Seventh Prince’s. Her clear eyes was like a deep abyss that sucks him deep into them.

    Her gentle words lured him into her trap.

    The hesitating Seventh Prince looked at Liu Yue’s eyes and listened to Liu Yue’s words. Then, he suddenly gritted his teeth and grabbed the brush. With a “shua shua”, he wrote his IOU.

    “Seventh Brother.” Seeing this, the Fifth Prince deeply frowned and cautioned him quietly.

    “Did the Fifth Prince waited too long and became impatient? I apologize, we would be starting very soon.” Liu Yue turned and smiled blandly at the Fifth Prince.

    She glared at him sharply.

    The Fifth Prince immediately shut his mouth, not daring to say another word.

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