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Chapter 28-The Final Say

    Chapter 28-The Final Say

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    After a few brush of strokes and a red thumb print, the IOU was successfully created.

    Yan Hu passed the document to Liu Yue. After perusing the document a while, Liu Yue smiled coldly and put it down on the table.

    “Please.” Seeing that the lady-in-waiting had become frozen due to the shocking amount of stakes, Liu Yue smirked and waved her hands at the molester guy.

    “Win, you have to win this for me.” The Seventh Prince face was flushed red right now, as he gnashed his teeth and glared at the molester guy. He couldn’t afford to lose this gamble.

    On the side, Second and Fifth Prince also straightened their bodies in their seat, unable to take their eyes off the table.

    They couldn’t afford to lose.

    Even the ever-smiling Xuan Yuan Cheng also focused on the match.

    Only Xuan Yuan Che was lazily leaning back on his chair, watching Liu Yue’s back, smiling, yet not smiling.

    dop28-1As the cup was overturned and held tight in her hands, Liu Yue shook it vigorously like all her previous turns. As the upturned cup was shaken with the speed of a jet plane, the dice inside produced clear and crisp colliding sounds.

    Nobody could tell how many dice were inside the upturned cup, as only messy colliding sounds could be heard from it. The Second Prince and the Fifth Prince who were listening closely could only look at each other with a face of astonishment.

    They then looked towards the molester guy, whose forehead was filled with beads of sweat and face as green as grass.

    Liu Yue’s hand technique was way different from his.

    “Peng.” Liu Yue twisted her wrist a little and slammed the upturned cup onto the table.

    Following Liu Yue, the molester guy also settled his dice down.

    In the silent room, not a sound could be heard. Only sounds of heavy breaths could be heard.

    The Seventh Prince eyes had turned bloodshot as he clenched both of his fists as hard as he could. The Second Prince and Fifth Prince who looked calm and collected even in this kind of situation were also actually clenching their fists underneath the table.

    dop28-2“456.” Liu Yue was not even looking at her dice, as she looked towards the molester guy, smiling.

    Seeing Liu Yue’s points, Seventh Prince and the others sighed a breath of relief. 456, it was not a big number.

    The molester guy stared at Liu Yue’s points, as his hand grasped the lid tightly. His face was brimming with excitement and joy as his fingers slowly moved to open the lid.

    Seeing this, Liu Yue put her palm down on the table and tapped it lightly. A wave of energy flow through the wooden table into the dice inside the cup, shaking them a little.

    “666, leopard, straight kill.” ‘peng’, the molester guy immediately opened the lid, violently shouting out his points.

    (TLN: leopard is the combination name for triple numbers)

    The Seventh Prince, Second Prince and Fifth Prince immediately burst out into cheering as they heard this, their eyes shining with ecstasy and delirium.

    Slowly curling up her mouth upwards to reveal an icy smile, Liu Yue folded her hands on her chest. “Brat, look at it carefully before speaking.”

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