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Chapter 29-Vomiting Blood from Anger

    Chapter 29-Vomiting Blood from Anger

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: In China, you could vomit blood due to anger and stress. You could also die with a knock to your head. Oh, and apparently all terminal/serious illness have a common symptom: vomiting blood.

    Although she was obviously the youngest person in this room, she still used such a dominating tone. Xuan Yuan Che who was sitting right behind her couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

    “356, how could this be? how could this…?” The molester guy’s face which was full of ecstasy previously suddenly froze like a sculpture. He looked disbelievingly at the points shown in his dice. He had definitely rolled a leopard, how could it…?

    The excited, Second, Fifth and Seventh princes also became frozen with shock.

    A single, small mistake had caused them to lose everything.

    dop29-2“Pu.” With a stream of blood bursting from his mouth, the molester guy pointed at Liu Yue with his trembling fingers. “Youyou…!”

    Liu Yue only smiled coldly and played with three dices with her hands. She rudely replied, “You are the one who wanted to play this game with me. I had been playing this game all my life.”

    Along with her disinterested words, the three dices turned into dust in Liu Yue’s hands and flowed down to the table.

    Trying to cheat? If she was the banker in Las Vegas, they wouldn’t even be wearing pants. Competing with her in gambling? Humph.

    The molester guy vomited another stream of blood and fainted on the ground.

    The Second, Fifth and Seventh Prince’s faces had changed colour.

    Liu Yue was calm and indifferent, as if watching an opera, as the three people’s faces showcased an exciting performance of changing colours. Slowly raising her brows, she reached out her hands and took the IOU on the table.

    “Seventh Prince, you’ve lost.”

    Blowing the IOU lightly, Liu Yue smiled gracefully and beckoned at Qiu Hen who was standing right behind her.

    Qiu Hen and Yan Hu immediately walked forward and collected the stakes on the table. Their faces were flushed red as if they drunk too much alcohol, as they tried to hide their excitement and maintain a poker face.

    “Dong.” The Seventh Prince fell over from his chair.

    “Ah…!” The surrounding lady-in-waitings all shouted in shock, there were even some who ran out hurriedly.

    Curling her mouth, Liu Yue turned her head and looked towards Second Prince. “Second Prince, do you want to be the banker or should I be the banker?”

    The pale-faced Second Prince twitched and forced out an awkward smile, “Only Seventh Brother wanted to play this game with Third Brother, I wouldn’t want to.”

    “Oh.” Liu Yue looked regretful as she sighed disappointedly. She then turned towards the Fifth Prince.

    Fifth Prince couldn’t even open his mouth as he immediately looked down the moment he made eye contact with Liu Yue, averting his gaze.

    dop29-1“Alright, then let’s leave it like that today.” Xuan Yuan Che looked towards Xuan Yuan Cheng who did not speak anything from the beginning to the end. Looking at the overbearing Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Che could only laugh as he pulled her towards him, hugging her at her waist.

    Xuan Yuan Cheng nodded, and smiled towards the two people who were as white as sheets. His cultured and graceful demeanour never changed.

    “Of course.” Liu Yue stood up and left the place.

    TLN: Next chapter’s title: First Kiss.

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