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Chapter 30-First Kiss

    Chapter 30-First Kiss

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Kiss scenes are hard to translate.

    Restraining the smile on her face, she coldly glared at the Second and Fifth Prince who looked deathly pale and said, “In 10 days, if I didn’t see your money, I wouldn’t mind finding you myself to collect your debt. If you three Princes don’t have the money, I’m sure your mothers, who are the Imperial Concubines, would have some.”

    After she finished, she humphed arrogantly and pulled Xuan Yuan Che’s hands, striding out of the brothel.

    Ganging up to bully her person? Don’t even think about it.

    Seeing this, Xuan Y uan Che could only pass Xuan Yuan Cheng a helpless look as he shrugged his shoulders. Then he went out of the brothel, leaving the two people crying their eyes out inside the room.

    dop30-2“Hahahah!” After coming out from the brothel and getting on their carriage, Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t control his laughter any more.

    “Very fierce, very fierce indeed.” Xuan Yuan Che said as he pulled Liu Yue’s waist to his embrace. He had wanted to teach the three people a lesson afterwards, there were lots of ways to teach them a lesson outside the gambling table. However, Liu Yue was even more ruthless than him. She had stripped them of all of their wealth in just a single game. It had saved him the effort.

    “You are mine, how could I let them bully you?” Liu Yue raised her head arrogantly.

    Xuan Yuan Che was stunned when he heard this, and then he couldn’t stop his laughter as he laughed uncontrollably beside Liu Yue. She had such a small figure but her words was extremely domineering. It was so contradictory no matter how he looked at it.

    Seeing Xuan Yuan Che not taking her seriously, Liu Yue frowned. If he thought nothing of her words, then…

    She turned her head and swiftly touched her soft lips into his strong and hard lips. She kissed his lips hard, passionately.


    Xuan Yuan Che was dumbfounded for a moment, but he was immediately on guard as he pulled Liu Yue closer to his embrace and kissed her back.

    Tossing and turning in the carriage, they kissed slowly as they grinded their lips together.

    Silver threads hung down their red lips as their tongue mated together in the heated moment.

    The kiss that started innocently turned violent and passionate in just a short moment.

    Both of them had strong personalities, and none of them wanted to relent. Sparks flew between them as they challenged each other with each moment.

    Their lips started to get hotter.

    Their breaths started to get shorter.

    The world outside the carriage was hustling and bustling, yet inside the carriage, their two bodies had almost intertwined into one.

    Intense and passionate sparks collided with every kiss, as their kiss slowly became even more fervent, each of them not willing to let their kiss subsided into a gentler one. Lips tightly locked, both of them moved as one, pleasing each other.

    After a long while, their lips separated, as they both gasped for air.

    “You are mine.” Liu Yue looked devilishly at Xuan Yuan Che as she reached out her hands to hug him. It was as if she was hugging her own treasure. Nobody should ever tarnish or bully her treasure.

    Xuan Yuan Che who had finally snapped out of the heated moment, glared at her with sharp eyes as he shouted, “Who taught you to do this?!”

    Dammit, she was even more skillful than him. Who taught her all these skills?

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