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Chapter 31-I’m a Genius

    Chapter 31-I’m a Genius

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: 2 more coming in 3 hours or so?

    Looking at the furious Xuan Yuan Che, whose eyes were filled with jealousy, Liu Yue had laughed carelessly instead. She lay her head down on Xuan Yuan Che’s lap as she said seductively, “There is someone in this world who’s called a “genius”.”

    Hearing such arrogant words, even Xuan Yuan Che was stunned speechless for a moment.

    In this Tian Zhen Empire, the word “genius” had always been reserved for him.

    dop31-1He had led his first expedition at the young age of 12, and at the age of 13, he attacked the Meng Kingdom with little casualties. He had led 100,000 men and journeyed thousands of miles into the Meng Kingdom’s capital. Nobody had the power to resist him. At 15, he led 300,000 men and annihilated the Meng Kingdom. Then, he crossed the West River and decimated the four of the smaller kingdoms around Tian Zhen Empire. At sixteen, he was given the title “King” and became the youngest King in the history of Tian Zhen Empire.

    He was Tian Zhen Empire’s unparalleled genius.

    But right now, his little Princess Consort had the audacity to say such words. He didn’t know whether he should be angry or laugh at her words.

    Watching Liu Yue who was sleeping soundly and peacefully at his lap, Xuan Yuan Che could only scowl dissatisfiedly.

    From outside the carriage, the passers-by could only hear an angry voice shouting, “Get up now and explain it to me clearly!”

    The colour of spring filled the scenery, today was really a nice day.

    The next day, the news about how the King of Yi had allowed his Princess Consort to gamble and won 4,412,000 gold leaves from three other Princes exploded throughout the Tian Zhen Empire. The news spread like a wildfire.

    In just a short while, the little girl who caused an uproar when she was bestowed the title Princess Consort a month ago caused another sensation again. But this time, everyone had learnt her name, Mu Rong Liu Yue.

    As the outside world turned upside down because of her, Liu Yue was relaxing inside the Liu Li Palace, painting her nails without care of the uproar.

    dop31-2Her nail polish wasn’t of a bright red colour, but a transparent one. When she applied it on her nails, there wasn’t a single colour to be seen nor any odour to be smelled.

    This was a prescription that Liu Yue had created with utmost care.

    “Princess Consort, what does this thing do?” Qiu Hen stood at Liu Yue’s side and frowned, not understanding what she was doing.

    The Princess Consort had ordered him to prepare snake venom, pollen grains and herbs, among many other things, then squeezed them into a juice. What good will that do?

    “It’s just something useful.” Liu Yue didn’t comment much.

    Poison extraction in the 21st Century was much more advanced than the olden times. One of her subordinates was extremely proficient in this, so she had learnt quite a few tricks.

    Different poisons would require different handling. The may need to be consumed, or they may need to be prepared under special conditions.

    She applied the mixture on her ten fingernails flawlessly.

    “Princess Consort, the Empress wished for your company in the Bing Chen Palace to choose some pearls and jewelries. She said that the Xue Sheng Empire’s ambassador had brought a lot of jewelries that were popular in their empire as gifts. The Empress had allowed you to choose two of them.” Yan Hu announced as he entered Liu Yue’s room, with a worried frown in his face.

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