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Chapter 32-Feast of Hong Men

    Chapter 32-Feast of Hong Men

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Title is 鸿门宴 (Hong Meng An), this is an idiom that meant a banquet set up with the intent to murder someone. It’s based on the history where Liu Bang escaped an attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu in 206 BC. Sorry it’s the last chapter of the day, my mom is breathing down my neck telling me to sleep…Will release the next one tomorrow.

    There wasn’t any palace maids waiting on Liu Yue’s side. She hated these formalities, and had no use for them.

    Instead, she has got two Generals from Xuan Yuan Che’s special forces to wait on her and be her bodyguard.

    “Pearls? I guess that’s just an excuse to see how divine I am, right?” Liu Yue lifted her head as her astute eyes uncovered the hidden intentions of the Empress.

    Yan Hu nodded as he said, “Your servant thinks that it would be better for you to wait until Master return, the Empress…” although he didn’t finish his words, Liu Yue could more or less guess his hidden meaning.

    dop32-2She had known that the Empress’ son was the Crown Prince while Imperial Consort Chen was Xuan Yuan Che’s birth mother. The Empress had the support of the Left Minister while Imperial Consort Chen has the support of the Right Minister. These two women had been constantly struggling for power amongst each other.

    However, Xuan Yuan Che was simply too excellent, his valor had completely overwhelmed the Crown Prince’s, Xuan Yuan Cheng. With such an imbalance, there was bound to be countless underhanded plots going on in the court.

    Liu Yue had never lived with these ancient royal families, but what’s the difference between this and modern power struggles? The modern people might even be better at scheming against each other than these olden people. After all, they had learnt from the 5000 year old history of China’s monarchy politics.

    Although Liu Yue had never learnt them before, that doesn’t mean she did not understand politics.

    As her eyes glimmered with a sharp gaze, Liu Yue slowly curled her mouth upwards, “Have I, Mu Rong Liu Yue, been afraid of anyone or avoid meeting anyone? No, I’d also like to see how she’s going to treat me.”

    With those words, Liu Yue whirled her sleeves and walked towards the Empress’ Residence, the Bing Chen Palace, in her normal clothes.

    She was just an ugly girl right now anyway, she wouldn’t become a phoenix just by wearing nice clothes. Rather than prettying herself up, it should be sufficient with these clothes.

    At her back, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu looked at each other for a while, then one of them immediately followed her while the other turned and ran towards another direction.

    The Tian Zhen Palace was beautifully built, each corner exquisite beyond compare.

    In the Bing Chen Palace, the Empress sat in the middle of the Palace Hall.

    Liu Yue had not even entered when she heard honeyed chatterings from afar, causing her to have goosebumps.

    “Miss Mu Rong has arrived.” A high-pitched announcement was made and the chattering inside the Palace died down.

    “Enter.” A graceful and dignified voice rung as the door guards quickly bowed and invited Liu Yue to enter the Palace.

    Taking her time to enter the Bing Chen Palace Hall, Liu Yue saw that there was already quite a lot of people who have gathered in the hall.

    Slim and curvy, innocent and sexy, each and everyone had the face of a beauty. The whole Palace Hall was filled with beautiful women.

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