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Chapter 33-The Two Powers of Harem

    Chapter 33-The Two Powers of Harem

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    Amongst the women, a graceful and dignified lady sat in the middle on a high jade chair. She looked to be thirty years and above and she did not look too devastatingly beautiful that she could cause the downfall of a state. She wore a bright coloured robe and a phoenix hairpin decoration on her hair. She did not wear much decorations, but one could feel her dignified and noble aura, graceful and wise.

    There was no need to guess, this was the Tian Zhen Empire’s Empress, Liu Ye Qing.

    On her left, a woman that looked to be of the same age with the Empress, wearing a purple robe, sat right next on her side. However, she looked even more beautiful than a flower, she could even be the queen of flowers.

    There was no need look more. Having a face that looked similar to Xuan Yuan Che, this woman should be the harem’s second in command, Imperial Consort Chen.

    However, she did not recognize the other women in the Hall.

    Stepping forward a few steps, Liu Yue smiled and bowed towards Empress Liu. Although she didn’t like her, she was not someone who could only rely on her husband.

    “Is this girl that Che-er choses? Be at ease and let’s talk.” Empress Liu smiled softly, dignified and graceful.

    Liu Yue stood up right and smiled towards Empress Liu. Her ordinary face was like a thorn among the beauties in the whole room. The surrounding girls measured her with their eyes, and although they looked accommodating, Liu Yue could see the degrading expressions in their eyes.

    They all looked down on her, but this did not matter to Liu Yue. In her eyes, these girls were only tools that could only eat and serve on the bedroom.

    Even amongst the beautiful phoenixes and peacocks in the room, an ugly duckling could still unyieldingly stood upright, with her head lifted up loftily and chest stuck out proudly.

    dop33-4“Come here, let Imperial Mother see you clearly.” Imperial Consort Chen only smiled when she saw her pride, her tone sweet and gentle.

    Liu Yue felt that Imperial Consort Chen’s sweet demeanour was not fake, and immediately walked towards Imperial Consort Chen.

    Imperial Consort Chen held Liu Yue’s hands and measured her from head to toe. She smiled, “Although you looked a little ordinary, as long as Che-er likes you, everything’s fine. Older sister, don’t you think so?” Imperial Consort Chen said as she turned her head and looked towards Empress Liu.

    Empress Liu smiled softly and nodded, “Naturally, ordinary looks doesn’t mean that she’s not good.”

    When the women in the room heard these two harem leaders’ words, no one else dared to look down upon Liu Yue anymore. They took back their disdainfulness and kept it inside their heart.

    “What do you do normally everyday, other than practicing your martial arts? Do you read any books?” Imperial Consort Chen tapped on Liu Yue’s hands lightly.

    Having heard these words, Liu Yue’s stole a glance at a beautiful girl wearing a blue robe who had been emitting a hostile and despising aura ever since she entered the room. She chuckled lightly as she pretended to look awkward and replied, “I had never read books.”

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