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Chapter 35-Neurotoxin

    Chapter 35-Neurotoxin

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    Her icy gaze swept across her hands. There were two thin flower petals that has a faint fragrance floating on top of the tea. It was peppermint flower petals. If consumed alone, it won’t cause any problems.

    The Xue Shen tea on her hands was also mixed with a little on plantain herb that would not cause any problems if it was consumed alone.

    However, once all three of these herbs were mixed together, the side effects of the consumption would not be as simple as a normal poison.

    A faintly discernible murderous smile appeared on her lips. Unexpectedly, there was a poison expert in this Tian Zhen Empire.

    This poison wouldn’t take effect immediately, but it would make the victim slowly turned into an idiot. Slowly, it would kill off the victim in ways that wouldn’t be detected. Using modern words to describe, this would be a neurotoxin.

    Playing with the flower petals, Liu Yue swept her gaze through the hall. Tian Zhen Empire unexpectedly had such a poison expert, she had really belittled this world’s culture and technology too much.

    “Liu Yue, why are you not drinking it? Does it not suit your taste?” Liu Xin Qing who was sitting right at the side of Empress Liu asked as she smiled at Liu Yue who was not moving, immediately attracting the whole hall’s attention.

    Liu Yue slowly swept her gaze through the women in the hall. Empress Liu’s expression was gentle and refined while Liu Xin Qin’s smile was normal, there was not any peculiarities.

    However, who is Liu Yue? She was the devil incarnate, the goddess of all scheming and treacheries. These people, who tried to scheme against her, was like an inexperienced child that tried to show off his skills to an adult.

    Her lips stretched into a thin line. Liu Yue already had a plan in her mind. She raised her cup to give a toast towards Empress Liu and Liu Xin Qing, then drunk the whole drink in one gulp. Not even a drop of tea was left.

    dop34-1A woman’s relieved smile did not escape Liu Yue’s eyes. Seeing this, Liu Yue’s steel eyes started to flash with a grim look.

    The hall started to be filled with laughter and chatterings, every ladies present enjoying themselves.

    “King of Yi has arrived.” In the midst of chatter, the guards’ voice resounded. As the guards finished their announcement, Xuan Yuan Che stepped into the Palace Hall.

    “Che-er, why have you come?” Empress Liu quickly smiled at Xuan Yuan Che.

    Xuan Yuan Che paid his respects and looked thoroughly refined and respectful, not even a trace of his anger could be seen in his expression. He was so different compared to when he was with Liu Yue, where he was cheerful and lively. He was aloof and indifferent right now, and with the grace of a member of the royal family, he said, “Your son has come to look for Liu Yue. There was a relative from the Mu Rong Residence that wanted to meet her.”

    Imperial Consort Chen smiled and said, “Then take your little Princess Consort away, pay your respects to Older Sister.” She looked towards Empress Liu as she finished her sentence.

    Seeing this, Empress Liu also smiled and looked towards Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue, saying, “Alright, alright. Go on.”

    “Che-er will take his leave.” With that words, Xuan Yuan Che dragged Liu Yue out of the hall.

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