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Chapter 38-Take Full Responsibility of the Consequences

    Chapter 38-Take Full Responsibility of the Consequences

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    Seeing the two people embracing each other, Officer Han, Yan Hu, Qiu Hen and Xuan Mo looked at each other awkwardly and then retreated outside without a sound, leaving the two to their own peaceful world. At the same time, they had a renewed respect for Liu Yue.

    dop38-1“There won’t be next time.” After a while, Xuan Yuan Che’s harsh voice sounded. He glared sternly at Liu Yue who was still in his embrace.

    “Yes.” Liu Yue laughed when she heard him. There would definitely not be a next time. It was absolutely unacceptable for an assassin to not have full control of her own body.

    “With regards to this matter, I will…”

    “No, let me deal with it. If she dared to lay her hands on me, she should take full responsibility…of the consequences herself.” Her eyes gleamed with killing intent as Liu Yue smiled enchantingly, like a vampiress in a fairy tale.

    I’d rather be the bad person than be bullied by others. This was Liu Yue’s Law, her iron-clad rule in her assassin days.

    Watching Liu Yue, even if it was him, Xuan Yuan Che could feel her killing intent.

    Since the Empress’ poison attempt did not work, she would definitely attempt to kill Liu Yue again. Furthermore, her methods and ruthlessness would only increase with each attempt. It wasn’t something that can be prevented.

    Since you couldn’t stop it, then it would be better to receive her first attack, and when the other party relaxed and let down their guard, that would be the time for them to die.

    To receive the title “King” at such an early age, Xuan Yuan Che was definitely not a normal person. And obviously, his Princess Consort was also not normal.

    Mistaking an eagle for an easily-bullied dove, the Empress had already dug her own grave.

    Reaching out his hands to caress Liu Yue’s long black hair, Xuan Yuan Che wondered how the woman in his embrace could make him love her more with every single day.

    The golden sun sets in the horizon and the moon ascended into the sky.dop38-2

    The darkness of the night quickly enveloped the earth. Bright stars sparkled in the dark night sky, casting silver white light upon the land.

    Two shadows, one large and one small, sneaked out from Liu Li Palace and made their way into the Palace Treasury.

    With his Light Body technique, Xuan Yuan Che leap across the walls. Furthermore, knowing each corners of the Palace like the back of his hands, he sneaked through the shadows like a mist, without anyone noticing.

    As his feet strode towards the Palace Treasury, Xuan Yuan Che didn’t forget to keep a look out around him incessantly.There were no one, not even a single trace of human being. Even Liu Yue who was following right behind him seemed to disappear, not a single Qi could be felt from her. Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t help but raised his brows in disbelief.

    Unexpectedly, even at his level, he still couldn’t sense Liu Yue’s presence. If he didn’t know that Liu Yue was following him, he wouldn’t even believe there was a person right behind him.

    What kind of technique is this? How could it totally erase a person’s presence?

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