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Chapter 39-Scheme

    Chapter 39-Scheme

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: 4 more chapters to go~

    Moving swiftly in the dark, Liu Yue watched Xuan Yuan Che who was moving right in front of her. Seeing that he didn’t stop glancing left and right, she couldn’t help but stifle a laugh. Concealing her presence, that was her speciality. Avoiding the guards, it was a skill that was not even worth to be mentioned. There was once a time when she had avoided a whole building’s infrared detection rays. Even that was nothing much.

    In the night sky, a shadow darted across the roof like the night wind, while another shadow darted across the ground like a ghost.

    Without a single sound.

    In the Tian Zhen Empire’s Palace Treasury.

    Mountains of gold and silver piled up everywhere. This treasury was filled with different kinds of rare treasures. Those kind of unique treasures that would be the only one of its kind in this world, would definitely be found in this treasury. In such a radiant place, the brightness was almost dazzling.

    “What are you trying to find?” Entering the treasury, Xuan Yuan Che whispered in a low voice to Liu Yue, who was following right behind him.

    This Liu Yue had only asked him to show her the way to the Palace Treasury during the day, without telling him anything else. She still had not told him anything yet, and he couldn’t guess her real intentions.

    He did not think that she came here to steal precious jewels and treasures. As the King of Yi, he had so much of these valuables that he would never lack of it. With so much wealth, why would she need to sneak into the treasury to steal more?

    Liu Yue smiled as she shook a finger at Xuan Yuan Che, then walked towards a wooden table full of bottles located at the back of the treasury.

    Standing right in front of these vases, Liu Yue reached out her hands and grabbed one of the smallest bottles. Then, she sniffed it lightly.

    dop38-5“This is Decayed Bone Poison.” Seeing her actions, Xuan Yuan Che helped her to identify the contents of the bottle.

    What Decayed Bone Poison, isn’t this neurotoxin number 7? But this is an uncompleted version of the neurotoxin. However, since it was stored in the treasury, it must be a poison of the best quality.

    Without saying much, Liu Yue moved her fingers a little and then returned the bottle to its place.

    However, her little action didn’t escape Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes, who was following her every move.

    “What did you put inside?” Xuan Yuan Che asked, his eyebrows raised.

    Liu Yue laughed as she replied him, “You’ll know when the time comes.”. Then, with quick movements, she opened each bottle, identified each poison and then added something into the bottle.

    These were all valuable drugs. They were poisons and antidotes of the best quality. Indeed, Tian Zhen Empire had a rich collection of drugs.

    Xuan Yuan Che could only stand still at the side with his eyebrows raised. Adding something to poison was still okay, but adding something to precious and high quality antidotes, this…

    “That’s to cure serious diseases, it was really difficult to obtain it. You…”

    “Simply because it was difficult to obtain, it will not be used easily. It will only be used in a life or death situation.” Liu Yue slowly turned her head, “But we shouldn’t use the antidotes here anymore.”

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