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Chapter 40-Holy Item

    Chapter 40-Holy Item

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: 3 more chapters to go~

    Hearing that, Xuan Yuan Che observed Liu Yue closely, and didn’t oppose her anymore.

    The poison that Empress Liu used on Liu Yue today was from the third bottle of poison on display. Since she had used a poison from this place, then she would definitely use the antidotes from this place.

    Yet all the antidotes in this place, when she needed it, the person who consumed it will…

    “You have to pull out weeds from the roots, otherwise, it will sprout out again with the breath of spring.” Liu Yue picked up one of the bottles of antidotes and played it with her fingers. Then, suddenly, she let her finger loose, and let the small bottle fell to the ground.

    Seeing that the small bottle was going to be shattered into pieces, Liu Yue suddenly moved her feet. In the next moment, the small bottle had already stabilized on Liu Yue’s feet, safe and sound.

    Xuan Yuan Che’s mouth curled up as he smiled. What a scheme, what a brilliant strategy.

    A flash of killing intent gleamed in her eyes as Liu Yue smiled back, then she bent down to pick up the small bottle resting on her feet.

    Holding the bottle, Liu Yue had not stood back up yet when she noticed a book supporting one of the legs of the wooden table.

    Liu Yue raised her head and looked at Xuan Yuan Che, “Is the Royal Family poor to that extent?”

    In the place to store treasures and jewelries, the tables were actually supported with books.

    Xuan Yuan Che followed Liu Yue’s line of sight and then turned back to her, “That book supposedly was about a technique with strange powers and abilities.”

    Strange powers? Liu Yue who had already stood up, bend her body back down again and pulled the book out with one tug. She wanted to see how strange the technique would be.

    dop38-3“Controlling beasts with music?” Liu Yue flipped the book to a random page and read the letters out loud, astonished.

    “The whole book is only about how to control beasts with music. Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors regarded this book as a holy item. Unfortunately, hundreds of years later, Royal Father treated this as rubbish. Nobody could ever learn this skill. The book only wrote about non-existent theories, one lie after another.” Xuan Yuan Che explained, full of disdain.

    Liu Yue only raised her brows at his words.

    Although controlling beasts with music sounded a little out of this world, it was not completely impossible.

    For example, she had known for sure that when a sound reached a critical point, it would have a power that would conquer every obstacle. It was not due to the loudness of the sound, but because it had reached a critical point. Such an example was when sopranos sung and break glasses with their voices. These are facts, they were not myths.

    Since sounds had such a high attacking power, then using that to subdue or master a beast was not an impossible matter. You would only need to reach a critical point to do that.

    “Let’s go.” Xuan Yuan Che saw that it was getting late and then pulled Liu Yue out from the treasury.

    Liu Yue quickly stuffed the book into her sleeves and then followed behind. She could try to learn the skill When she had nothing to do. Since the real Liu Yue was quite good with zither…

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