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Chapter 41-Who is Trying to Flirt with Her…

    Chapter 41-Who is Trying to Flirt with Her…

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: 2 more chapters to go~ Thank you sponsors!!

    Under the glimmering star light, the night wind blows.

    The whole palace was quiet and peaceful, like a sleeping dragon.

    Everything doesn’t seem to change, yet it seemed a little different.

    The next day, as the day breaks, birds chirped and flowers blossomed.

    Liu Yue was summoned to Tian Xi Palace to have an audience with Imperial Consort Chen.

    Liu Yue was not someone who would be biased towards others, but she really liked Imperial Consort Chen. Hence she was willing to pay her a visit. Besides, she could find out a lot of information from her place.

    Others say that one would not ask for a meeting without a reason. Hence, Imperial Consort Chen must have contacted her to keep in touch with her.

    Wearing her purple robe, her dark, lustrous hair was styled into graceful braids that hung down her waist. They swayed with every step that Liu Yue took, elegant and refined.

    “Qiu Hen, describe Liu Xin Ai.” Playing with two small stones in her hands, Liu Yue asked Qiu Hen absently.

    It was no wonder that Liu Xin Ai was so hostile towards her yesterday. Turns out that the Emperor had originally intended to marry Liu Xin Ai to Xuan Yuan Che. But Liu Yue had suddenly appeared out of thin air and destroyed Liu Xin Ai’s dreams of marrying one of the richest Prince.

    dop38-5“Domineering and bossy, she is bold but not very astute. She is definitely not your match, Princess Consort.” His assessment of her was short and straight forward.

    Liu Yue was very satisfied with Qiu Hen’s reply. She needed facts and real assessments, not flatteries or boot licking words.

    Nodding her head, Liu Yue decided that Liu Xin Ai was not someone worth paying attention to. Liu Xin Qing may be worth some of her attention, but she was also nothing much to her. However, the Left Minister’s Family, the Liu Clan, behind them would not be an easy opponent.

    The Liu Clan already had the Empress who was the ruler of the harem, and the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng and Liu Xin Qing’s positions in the Royal Family were also stable. Yet they had still wanted to harm Xuan Yuan Che. Their wild schemes were getting out of hands.

    At first she didn’t care about them that much, but since they had already schemed against her, then they shouldn’t blame her for her being ruthless.

    “Wow, Brother Che, you are so awesome” In the midst of her thought, she suddenly heard a faint cheer from a far, cheering on a “Brother Che” flirtatiously. The voice made Liu Yue had goosebumps. Who in the world had such a disgusting voice?

    “Princess Consort, the noise came from the Training Field over there.” Qiu Hen quickly explained to her.

    Training field, it was the place where Xuan Yuan Che practiced his martial arts skills and trained his soldiers. Liu Yue raised her brows and squinted her eyes. How could that person shout so loud that her voice travelled all the way here just to get Xuan Yuan Che’s attention?

    “Let’s go and take a look.” Liu Yue said unhurriedly as she turned towards the Training Field. She wanted to see who actually had the nerve to flirt with Xuan Yuan Che.

    In the midst of the clamor, the Training Field was filled with soldiers clad in black armor. Crowds of people hoarded the Training Field, cheering and applauding voices rose in succession. The Training Field was bustling with excitement.

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