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Chapter 42-Love Rival

    Chapter 42-Love Rival

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Lol I can’t…too sleepy, next chapter moved to tomorrow. >.

    Liu Yue walked towards the crowd of people. The soldiers, seeing Qiu Hen, immediately opened a path for them, allowing Liu Yue to walk through effortlessly.

    “Awesome!” The flirty sound cheered once again.

    dop41-1As Liu Yue stepped out from the crowd, she saw golden arrows flew past the Training Field right into the bullseye of an arrow target, overlapping with each other. And these arrows were actually released from the same bow. Xuan Yuan Che rode past on a horse,holding a golden bow in his hands.

    Liu Yue curled her lips. So it was only such a trick. Looks like Xuan Yuan Che was playing with these people. Shooting a dead target with such a large bow, if he still could not shoot the target, he should go back to primary school and learn the basics.

    She remembered when she was ten years old, she could shoot a falling leaf a hundred meters away. Don’t even talk about it now.

    Tearing her gaze away from Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue looked at Liu Xin Ai on the other side, who was running towards Xuan Yuan Che. So this was the peacock who was spreading her tail as she liked.

    “Brother Che, you are amazing.” Liu Xin Ai reached out her hands towards Xuan Yuan Che and prepared to jump onto the horse.

    Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che coldly lashed his bridles, making his horse rise up on its hind legs to stop her from getting up.

    “Brother Che…” A sour voice filled with indignation could be heard.

    Liu Yue covered her mouth with her hands. She wouldn’t need to eat dinner anymore today, her appetite had all disappeared from Liu Xin Ai’s tone. This girl was really too obtuse.

    “There should be distance between male and female.” Xuan Yuan Che coldly replied and rode away on his horse, not even giving Liu Xin Ai an inch.

    “But we have been this way last time.” Liu Xin Ai followed him stubbornly.

    “That was when we were four years old. There is no more need to mention it.” He replied with cold words, strict and austere, with not a single trace of emotions in them.

    King of Yi of the Tian Zhen Empire was originally such an exceptional and enchanting, yet cold-blooded person.

    As for his warm and gentle side, he would only show it to Liu Yue alone.

    “Xin Ai, you should show King of Yi what you have learnt previously.” Standing at the side of the Training Field, Liu Xin Qing smiled as she said that. Beside her, the gentle and cultured Xuan Yuan Cheng was also present.

    “Yes!” The crowd immediately cheered. Tian Zhen Empire revered martial art skills. Anyone with high-leveled skills would be respected by the people. Although Liu Xin Ai was domineering and bossy, her martial arts skills was not to be belittled.“Brother Che, I won’t lose to you.” A pampered voice resounded as Liu Xin Ai rode on a horse. She then grabbed the bow on her back and pulled out three arrows to shoot at the arrow targets.

    Arms stretched, bow pulled, she was united with the horse as one.

    You would know an expert archer when you see how he pulled his bow. The soldiers standing on the side immediately cheered on Liu Xin Ai. Her style of shooting arrows on a horseback was indeed beautiful and professional.

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