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Chapter 43-Bully

    Chapter 43-Bully

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Alternatively, I’d title this chapter as “Ultimate Digging of Your Own Grave”. Thank you sponsor!!

    Amongst the crowd, Liu Yue’s lips curled to reveal an icy smile. The small stones that she had played in her hands the whole time suddenly shot out like a bullet.

    The stones shot out towards the running horse like a shooting star, splitting the wind without a sound. Even if it produced a sound, it will be perfectly concealed within the thumps of the horse’s gallops.

    As the bow was stretched to its breaking point, Liu Xin Ai pointed her second finger to the target and was ready to release the arrow.

    In that moment, the calm horse suddenly moved a little. A small stumble by the horse caused the arrow that Liu Xin Ai was releasing to stray away from its path.

    The sharp black arrow split the air as it flew across the field and missed the target completely, falling into the bushes.

    dop42-1“Uhh…” Immediately, a displeased sound resounded within the troops. The soldiers who were excitedly cheering on Liu Xin Ai now looked at her with a look of scorn.

    How could she try to shoot with that kind of ability?

    Liu Xin Ai’s face immediately turned red as she exclaimed, “It was the horse! It suddenly moved, otherwise, I wouldn’t have missed the target.”

    The surrounding soldiers sneered and mumbled to each other. She couldn’t shoot the target yet she blamed the horse. She had no class.

    But Xuan Yuan Che only raised his brows as he looked towards Liu Yue, smiling yet not smiling. He saw what happened very clearly.

    Liu Yue winked at Xuan Yuan Che as she turned her body and started to leave. Liu Xin Ai was indeed nothing much. She was not her opponent both physically and mentally. Liu Yue couldn’t be bothered to fight with Liu Xin Ai.

    “That’s right! It must have been you, fugly woman, who attacked my horse. Otherwise, how could I miss the target? It was you!” Liu Xin Ai who was in the Training Field suddenly saw Liu Yue. She immediately lashed out and charged towards Liu Yue on her horse.

    She didn’t care if Liu Yue was indeed the person who had caused her horse to stagger, if she say that Liu Yue was the one who did it, then Liu Yue was the culprit.

    Hearing that, Liu Yue’s expressions became stern.

    “Liu Xin Ai, what are you talking about?” Xuan Yuan Che narrowed his eyes, a frightening sinister aura seeped out from his body. His voice was merciless as he rode his horse towards her.

    “If she is fugly, then she is fugly. Brother Che, she must have ensnared you using a curse or something. Otherwise, why would you be attracted to her? She has such an ugly face and flat as a washing board. She has no martial arts skills and had been abandoned at a secluded corner of her house since young.

    Humph, I would never believe the rumor that she was strong. I’m sure it was just a scheme by the Mu Rong Clan who wanted to raise their position in court by being connected to Brother Che through marriage. They must have had put on a show and threw the match purposely with just one attack from Liu Yue. What one-hit KO? Pei! You may be able to trick small children with this story, but you would never be able to trick me.(TLN: Pei = Sound of someone spitting)

    Fugly woman, if you are abandoned, then nobody wants you. Even if you marry a real dragon, you would never be a phoenix.”

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