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Chapter 44-Very Good

    Chapter 44-Very Good

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Uh oh…I have a bad feeling about this…Thank you sponsor!!

    The foul words came out like a bullet train from Liu Xin Ai’s mouth, not even giving Liu Yue an ounce of respect. In just a moment, all the soldiers turned their attentions to Liu Xin Ai and the ‘fugly’ looking Liu Yue.

    “Xin Ai, you shouldn’t talk nonsense.” Liu Xin Qing’s expressions changed as she hurried walked towards her sister.

    “You dared…” Xuan Yuan Che whose expression was filled with killing intent suddenly stopped his words as he felt Liu Yue’s hands patting his back, signalling him not to say anything else. Furthermore, he saw that although Liu Yue’s face looked calm and composed, her eyes had flashed with unbridled anger.

    He couldn’t do anything but inhaled deeply and supressed the anger welling in his heart. What was this Liu Yue going to do? She couldn’t have endured that whole insult, could she?

    Liu Xin Ai glared at Liu Yue with despise. She had purposely talked down on her and pointed out her bad history in front of the crowd, so that they would also look down on her. Then, losing the respect of these people, even if she had the position of the Crown Princess, her position would not be stable.

    The position of the Princess Consort to the King of Yi, was hers alone.

    Liu Yue looked towards Liu Xin Ai emotionlessly. Cold as ice, she spoke a few words, “His Majesty the Emperor had bestowed the marriage to me personally.”

    “So what…”

    “Be quiet.” Liu Xin Qing hurriedly walked over and warned Liu Xin Ai sternly.

    “Don’t talk rubbish.” The ever-smiling Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng had also came forward. How could Liu Xin Ai know about Liu Yue’s powers? Liu Yue was not a person to be trifled with. Once someone had become her enemy, she would trample them down ruthlessly without any ounce of mercy.

    At the same time, the Crown Prince walked towards Liu Yue and said, “Liu Yue, Liu Xin Ai is still young and not sensible enough…”

    With a wave of her hands, Liu Yue stopped Xuan Yuan Cheng’s words. Looking towards the arrogant Liu Xin Ai, her lips curled up into a beautiful smile as she said, “‘So what’? Very good.”

    Just two words, ‘very good’, and Liu Yue immediately turned away and left the place. The crowd rubbed their eyes as it seemed that Liu Yue had suddenly disappeared.

    Everyone was immediately stupefied. What kind of skill had she learnt that allowed her to move so quickly?

    “You…Argh, quickly chase after her.” Liu Xin Qin’s expressions was deathly pale as she quickly ran towards the direction where Liu Yue had disappeared.

    Xuan Yuan Cheng immediately turned towards Xuan Yuan Che with an ashen face and said, “Third brother, you know that Xin Ai often speak harshly but she didn’t have any bad intentions. I would apologize to Liu Yue for her faults today. Could you talk with Liu Yue so that we could keep our family’s harmony?”

    “My Princess Consort’s temperament, Older Brother, you should know it very well. How could I persuade her?” Xuan Yuan Che coldly replied, showing clearly that he would not take the Crown Prince’s side in this matter.

    Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Cheng glared at Liu Xin Ai and then quickly chase after Liu Yue.

    He must stop her, otherwise…

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