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Chapter 45-Condemning the other Party (1)

    Chapter 45-Condemning the other Party (1)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Last…or maybe not last…chapter of the day. Thank you sponsor!! Btw, this title would carry on for the subsequent 16 chapters.

    In the Tian Xi Palace, the Emperor of the Tian Zhen Empire, Xuan Yuan Yi, was playing chess with Imperial Consort Chen in the garden. Suddenly, Liu Yue appeared, crying and kneeling at Xuan Yuan Yi’s feet.

    “What is going on? Did Che-er bully you?” Xuan Yuan Yi, who had a square face and a scholarly look, smiled towards Liu Yue and asked, his tone gentle and kind.

    dop451Although he had never seen Liu Yue before, he had heard a lot about her. Having so many accomplishments at such a young age, who else could there ever be except for Liu Yue.

    “Someone is bullying Liu Yue.” Liu Yue said with a face full of tears.

    “Who’d dare to bully my daughter-in-law? Tell me, Imperial mother will avenge them for you.” Imperial Consort Chen immediately stood straight, her beautiful face looking grim.

    “No, if anyone bullies me, I will personally pay them back myself. I only wish for Your Majesty’s favour, please allow me to give them a beating to appease this anger in my heart. Please don’t take their side.” Liu Yue said with a heated voice and her head still bowed on the ground.

    Seeing that Liu Yue had actually looked for him to ask for this kind of favour, Xuan Yuan Yi thought that the person who had bullied her must be of a high position. He had wanted to think about this matter further, but after hearing that Liu Yue only wanted to give them a beating, he decided to give her this favour. Fight if you want. Even if Liu Yue was skilful in martial arts, how bad would it get?

    Furthermore, it was also not good to reject her in front of Imperial Consort Chen. He immediately laughed, nodded and said, “Alright, I agree to help you. But remember, you should not kill anyone.”

    “Liu Yue understands. Thank you, Your Majesty.” As she finished her gratitude, she turned and quickly ran away. She appeared to be an impulsive thirteen years old girl.

    Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Yi smiled towards Imperial Consort Chen, “She is still a small kid.”

    Imperial Consort Chen only smiled back. She had spoken with Liu Yue a few times. Perhaps, Liu Yue was not as simple as that.

    Yellow Tune Street, one of the main road in the capital city of the Tian Zhen Empire.

    At this moment, the Yellow Tune Street was crowded with people, bustling with noise and excitement.

    At this Yellow Tune Street, there was a large mansion, the place of residence for a powerful aristocrat. The front door of this mansion was painted in red and decorated with two large statues of lion. It looked extremely majestic and extravagant. There were three words written in big, beautiful calligraphy on the signboard of this mansion, “Left Minister’s Residence”

    Bang! A golden chair was suddenly dropped right in front of the Left Minister’s front door. Liu Yue swiped her robe and sat majestically on the chair, her hands holding a whip. She lashed the whip once, causing a white whiplash mark on the ground.

    Liu Yue then proceeded to mark the Left Minister’s door with long, whip marks. Then she sat right in front of the door majestically, holding the long whip, not moving an inch.

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