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Chapter 46-Condemning the other Party (2)

    Chapter 46-Condemning the other Party (2)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    An ordinary looking girl let out an aura that didn’t allow anyone to approach her, cold and austere.

    The people that were originally busy trading goods in the street looked at Liu Yue in confusion. They started to crowd around her to find out what was happening.

    However, due to Liu Yue’s frigtening aura, they retreated back, only watching from a distance.

    They only watched Liu Yue sitting alone right in front of the majestic Left Minister’s Residence, looking sombre and grim.

    The two guards standing guard outside the front door frowned. One of them, a guard with a fierce-looking face, strode forward and arrogantly said, “Where are you from, little girl, what are you doing here? How could you block the entrance to his highness the Left Minister’s Residence? Scram.”

    He said that as he tried to push Liu Yue out.

    Before his hands even touched Liu Yue, Liu Yue, who was closing her eyes and looked like she was sleeping, suddenly lashed out the whip in her hands out to the guard.

    The guard did not have time to react before his body was slammed into the lion statue.

    With a loud bang, the fierce looking guard threw out a stream of blood and laid still on the ground.

    dop50-1The surrounding people gasped with surprise. Someone was openly causing trouble in the Left Minister’s Residence.

    “Well done, you dared to cause trouble in the Left Minister’s Residence. You have the nerve although you had such an ugly face.” Seeing that, the other guard took out the sword on his hilt and charged towards Liu Yue.

    Eyes still closed, Liu Yue lashed the whip again. The long whip was like an angry dragon that instantly flew towards the guard.

    Only the whip’s shadow could be seen and the guard suddenly howled painfully, blood flowing down his chest.

    “You, you, wait and see.” The guard who was slammed into the lion statue stood back up miserably, rubbing his waist as he staggered into the house, carrying the other guard with him.

    Seeing this, some of the kind hearted people in the crowd immediately warned Liu Yue, “Little girl, get away from here quickly. The Left Minister is not someone to be trifled with…”

    “Yeah, the Left Minister was one of the Prime Ministers of this country. His daughter is also the Empress. I have also heard that his granddaughter is going to be Crown Princess Consort soon. Who would dared to pick a fight with them? You would only stir trouble for yourself…”

    “Go quikly, you won’t be able to escape when they have called all their troops…”

    Hearing this, Liu Yue slowly opened her eyes and looked towards the people outside. She gave a cold smile and said, “From this day on, you can enter this mansion, but no one is allowed to exit this place.”

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