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Chapter 48-Condemning the other Party (4)

    Chapter 48-Condemning the other Party (4)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Thank you sponsors!!

    “Gasp.” the surrounding crowd immediately gasped loudly. Seeing the sudden change on Liu Yue’s expressions, they were immediately alarmed and unconsciously retreated back a few steps. What a frightening girl!

    The Guard Leader’s face turned ashen at this. One whole troop of soldiers ended up writhing in pain on the ground with one attack, and he was the only one left standing. He had never expected that this ugly girl actually possessed so much power.

    “Who are you?” He must have heard about such a powerful girl in the city. Which General’s family was this girl from?

    No answer was heard from Liu Yue. Instead, Liu Yue raised her head high and looked at him condescendingly, as if telling him that he was not worthy enough to know her name.

    Her action was even more frightening than words. Such a condescending act, it was even worse than slapping the Guard Leader right at his face.

    The Guard Leader’s face had slowly turned green, but he could not find a way out of this embarrassing situation.

    “Impressive skills.” At this moment, an indifferent voice sounded. Two middle-aged men slowly walked out of the Left Minister’s Residence. One of them had praised Liu Yue.

    “Military Training Officer Lin, she…” the Guard Leader looked like he had found someone he could depend on, and immediately turned to welcome the two men.

    Military Training Officer Lin who had spoken just now dismissed him with a wave of his hands and said, “I understood the whole situation, you can withdraw now.”

    Seeing this, the Guard Leader immediately stood at the side and gave Liu Yue a sinister smile. These were two of the strongest people in the Left Minister’s Residence. They would definitely be able to teach this rude girl a lesson.

    “Little miss, don’t blame us for being rude.” Once he had finished his words, Officer Lin and the other man suddenly charged forward. Officer Lin brandished his sharp sword and flew towards Liu Yue, prepared to attack, while the other man flew towards the main road.

    They had seen Liu Yue’s attack just now from inside the manor. Hence, they had decided to go all out from the start.

    Lips curling a little, Liu Yue revealed an icy smile. The long whip that was lying on the ground suddenly lashed towards the man who had charged towards the main street and twined around him, like a coiling dragon.

    At the same time, she moved her hands and blocked the incoming attack from Officer Lin. Her movements were swift like thewind, and her style of fighting was unique and out of this world.

    A thick air of killing intent arose from her body, enveloping the whole space in that place.

    Officer Lin had bear the brunt of this aura. That thick scent of killing intent was almost like being pressured by Yama, the King of Hell. The pressure was so strong that he almost broke down from it. Officer Lin was deeply shocked. No one should be able to emit such a strong killing intent if he had not killed thousands of people before. This girl…this girl…

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