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Chapter 49-Condemning the other Party (5)

    Chapter 49-Condemning the other Party (5)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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    With his heart stricken, the sword in Officer Lin’s hands trembled. That strange, empty-handed attack that had struck on his wrist did not belong to any Martial Arts School, yet the effects…

    Her empty hands waved once as Liu Yue did a backflip. She then sat back calmly on her chair, calm and unhurried.

    “Peng.” A loud sound resounded. Officer Lin looked at his wrist in disbelief as he saw blood spurting out from it. His fingers did not have any more strength to hold his sword, that had fallen on the ground. His hands…

    “I’ve said this before, no one is allowed to go out.” the indifferent words sounded in the air like a bomb that had exploded in the sky, carrying an air of dominance and power.

    Officer Lin’s heart trembled. He turned his head and saw the man who was with him curled up on the ground, his legs in a distorted position. There was also a whip scar on his legs.

    The two strongest martial artists from the Left Minister’s Residence had both fallen under this little girl’s hands, who was this girl exactly?

    Shocking, it was truly an unfathomable scene.

    The surrounding people who was watching the whole scene became stupefied, their eyes wide opened and mouths agape. Their minds unconsciously told them to run away, that this girl was simply too powerful.

    Taking back the killing intent she had released, Liu Yue pulled the long whip back to her side. Looking around the defeated soldiers and generals, she gave a loud humph. The contempt she held in that single humph could be felt even by the crowd of people who was watching the scene.

    The sun was shining brightly outside, yet this place seemed to be overcast with dark clouds and storms.

    While Liu Yue was beating the guards up, the Left Minister’s neighbour who had built a good relation with him had called up the Governor of the capital city. Beating up the Left Minister’s Guards in front of the main street, disregarding the law, this matter should be settled through the Governor’s Judgement.

    Riding high on horses, hundreds of soldiers charged forward majestically.

    “I should work hard to gain the Prime Minister’s favour with this matter.” The Governor had personally led the troops, his eyes shining with excitement. He didn’t have the chance to suck up to the Left Minister before, but today a chance had delivered itself on a silver platter.

    As he finished his words, a cold, indifferent sound replied him before the Deputy Governor riding beside him could reply, “Are you trying to take credit for somebody else’s work? Did you even know who was causing trouble for the Left Minister?”

    The Governor immediately reined his horse when he heard this, and looked towards the person standing on the road side.

    Wearing a green coloured robe, it was a young man with a cultured and intelligent features. He was one of the younger generation of the Mu Rong Residence, Mu Rong Chen. The Governor thought that he must show respect to him.

    The Governor reined his horse and smiled towards Mu Rong Chen, “May I know who is it?”

    “She is my little sister, Mu Rong Liu Yue.” Mu Rong Chen leaned against the walls and looked towards the Governor, raising his brows a little.

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