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Chapter 51-Condemning the other Party (7)

    Chapter 51-Condemning the other Party (7)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Well sorry again for the lateness. Was busy with admin stuff…Anyways, a new translator has joined our midst! She’s GT, and she will be translating DOP! There is also a new editor, Rend, who will be editing all the previous chapters. Hopefully he’ll do a better job than me :X Enjoy the chapter!

    “Little Miss, careful! Avoid it quickly!” The Guard Leader, who was the only one unhurt in that place, paled when he saw Liu Yue moved her whip and quickly shouted out.

    Even their strongest Master, Military Training Officer Lin, had been defeated in Liu Yue’s hands. How could Little Miss be her opponent?

    dop50-5“Did you think I would be afraid of…Ahh…” Liu Xin Ai had not even finished her sentence when Liu Yue’s black whip had already flew towards her and twined around her waist. With a strong pull from Liu Yue, Liu Xin Ai’s body was slammed into the front gates.

    “Xin Ai!” Liu Xin Qing who was following close behind, immediately screamed in alarm.

    Xuan Yuan Cheng had not fully assessed the situation in front of the gates just now, but as soon as he take in the whole scene in front of him, his brows twitched and he immediately stopped his horse on its tracks, not moving a single step forward.

    Liu Yue had a resolute look on her face. If he had tried to interfere, he would certainly be condemned.

    “Peng”. A heavy sound of collision resounded as Liu Xin Ai slammed right into the red-coloured Front Gate. Liu Yue then snatched back her whip, causing Liu Xin Ai to roll on the ground a few times. However, she quickly stood back up.

    Although her whole body was in pain having slammed against the door, she was not injured at all.

    Seeing this, Liu Xin Ai thought that Liu Yue’s skills were simply empty talk, and shouted smugly, “Fugly, you should see my ski…”

    dop50-6dop50-7“Peng.” She had not even finished her sentence when Liu Yue suddenly lashed her whip on the large Front Gate of the Left Minister’s residence, that was made with Iron Wood. With one lash of Liu Yue’s whip, the whole gate was shattered, its wooden remnants flying all over the place. The Front Gate collapsed with a loud boom.

    Liu Xin Ai was immediately overwhelmed with shock. Iron Wood was the strongest and hardest wood amongst all types of woods. It was almost as hard as iron. How could it shatter with just a…

    “If you dared to speak another rude word, the next whip will be on your face.” A pair of sinister-looking eyes glared into Liu Xin Ai’s as Liu Yue spoke with her cold voice.

    Liu Xin Ai immediately turned pale. Liu Yue’s eyes was filled with so much killing intent that she couldn’t help but tremble. How could this girl turn so frightening in such a short time?

    When Liu Xin Qing who was following right behind Liu Xin Ai saw that her sister was alright, she sighed a breath of relief. She quickly walked towards Liu Xin Ai and nodded towards Liu Yue, “Liu Yue, today, Xin Ai had wronged you. I will apologize in her stead. Please be gracious and forgive her this time. Furthermore, we are all a close family, it wouldn’t benefit us all if we let this matter get too big.”

    Hearing that, Liu Yue coldly humphed and glanced towards Liu Xin Qing, asking coldly, “Who are you?”

    Such a cold, indifferent three words made Liu Xin Qing rather awkward, not knowing what to do. However, Liu Xin Qing was still a little more sensible than Liu Xin Ai. She took a deep breath and smiled towards Liu Yue, “I’m the Left Minister’s third granddaughter, my name is Xin Qing.”

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