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Chapter 52-Judging the Party at Fault  (8)

    Chapter 52-Judging the Party at Fault(8)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Thank you sponsors!! Decided to change the title. Now it is judging the party at fault instead of condemning the other party. Enjoy!

    “What qualifications do you have to ask me for a favour?” frigid words cut through the air, sharp like knives.

    Liu Xin Qing was frozen on the spot. She immediately realized that Liu Yue was bestowed the position of the Princess Consort of King of Yi by the Emperor, hence she had the official position of the Princess Consort. On the other hand, Liu Xin Qing was a nobody. Although she would enter the Eastern Palace soon, she had no title and her identity was only the Left Minister’s granddaughter. That position was heavens apart from the position of King of Yi’s Princess Consort. She had no grounds, no qualifications at all in asking Liu Yue for a favour.

    After thinking about that, Liu Xin Qing gritted her teeth. She lifted her head and looked around. Even if she didn’t have the qualifications, the Crown Prince should have it, right?

    Sweeping past the crowd of people, she couldn’t even find the shadow of the Crown Prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng. Liu Xin Qing was so anxious that she stomped on her feet. How could this person disappear in such a crucial moment?

    Seeing this, Liu Yue gave a cold smile. If Xuan Yuan Cheng dared to interfere, she would make sure he’d bear the consequences.

    The front of the Left Minister’s Residence was filled with confusion, groans and painful cries. With the collapse of the large front gate, the situation had become even more chaotic.

    “Everyone, withdraw.” In the chaos, a calm voice resounded. A middle-aged man of around fifty wearing a green coloured robe slowly walked out. There were a few strands of white hair on his black hair. However, his physique was still strong and well-built.

    He carried himself with dignity. Finally, after beating up all of these small fries, their real master came out.


    “Do I, the Left Minister, have the qualifications then?” he asked Liu Yue in a calm and indifferent voice.

    Liu Yue played with the whip in her hands as she looked deep into the Left Minister’s eyes. Finally, he couldn’t sit still inside his throne anymore, eh?

    Both had no intentions to tolerate each other as the gazed at each other coldly.dop523

    “May I ask, on what purpose does Lady Mu Rong barge into my residence and injure my subordinates, turning a blind eye on the laws and regulations in this country, in broad daylight to boot?” An indifferent voice sounded, every word rebuking Liu Yue’s lack of manners.

    “I’m judging the party at fault.” Liu Yue smiled emotionlessly as she raised her head arrogantly, like a tyrant at her best.

    dop52-2Everyone in the crowd immediately gasped aloud. They had never seen anyone who dared to condemn someone this way before. This Lady Mu Rong was simply too audacious!

    Hearing this, the Left Minister twitched his eyebrows. He looked at the pale-faced Liu Xin Ai standing beside him and then he saw Liu Xin Qing giving him a signal to continue the talk inside. However, he was already forced to step outside by Liu Yue. If he still invited Liu Yue into the manor, he could just throw his face into the river.

    Furthermore, Liu Yue’s attitude was simply too rude. A little thirteen years old girl dared to speak so rudely towards him. He wanted to see exactly how difficult she would be to deal with.

    After a small pause, he replied, “Alright, you may begin your judgement.”

    “You are guilty of looking down upon the Emperor’s orders, ignoring the Emperor’s orders, failure to respect a person of a higher position, slandering a loyal minister of the country, and looking down upon the current Princess Consort. Was that enough?” Liu Yue purposely shouted her last sentence loudly. Her voice was like a thunder splitting the sky, shocking the crowd.

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