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Chapter 53-Judging the Party at Fault (9)

    Chapter 53-Judging the Party at Fault (9)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!! This is the début chapter of GT! Last chapter of the night guys…>.

    Hearing all these crimes, the Left Minister immediately frowned. He couldn’t shoulder the consequences for even one of them.

    His face blackened at that moment and replied: “Lady Mu Rong. Don’t talk recklessly. If you can’t hand out the evidence today, then don’t blame me for reporting to the emperor that you had slandered the Imperial Officials.” Having said that, he pointed at the imperial palace with his hand.

    Liu Yue sneered as she heard that, “You want evidence. Alright. Is Liu Xin Ai your granddaughter?”

    The Left Minister listened with a cold, hardened expression and muttered, “Yes.”

    “Today, in front of all the Dragon Rider Guards, Liu Xin Ai accused that I, the Princess Consort, had joined hands with General Mu Rong to shoddily deceive the Emperor. Left Minister, did you think that I, the Princess Consort, would not be able to defeat an enemy with one move?”

    In her icy cold voice, the black whip in Liu Yue’s hands suddenly waved and the other intact front gate behind the Left Minister was immediately shattered with a loud sound as pieces of woods flew in all directions.

    “Slandering a loyal minister of the country, the Great General Mu Rong. This is the first crime.”

    Left Minister’s face immediately twitched. This was a crime that can either be considered big or small. He instantly glared deeply at Liu Xin Ai.

    Before he even managed to speak, Liu Yue’s eyebrow pricked up and shouted, “I, the Princess Consort, was granted this marriage by the Emperor himself, and my name had already been listed in the imperial lineage. Yelling at me, the Princess Consort. How could you dared to do that?

    Defying the Princess consort of this dynasty. This is the second crime.

    A lowly granddaughter of the Left Minister dared to deliberately insult the Imperial Princess Consort of the present dynasty.

    Offending a superior. This is the third crime.”

    dop532Saying in a cold tone. With each sentence from Liu Yue, the Left Minister’s face turned darker than before, as he frowned and knitted his brow.

    “Humph! You can still turn a blind eye on slandering me, the Princess Consort and the Mu Rong Clan. However, she had the audacity to look down upon the Emperor’s words. When I, the Princess Consort,mentioned the Emperor’s name in defense, she had actually dared to reply rudely and said,‘So what?’

    Fine.If our Emperor of the Tian Zhen Empire means nothing, then does that mean you, the Left Minister, is something important?

    The words of the Emperor doesn’t count as words and the Imperial Decree issued is not important either, then does that mean only the words spoken by you, the Left Minister, count as words?”dop531

    She spoke with a cool tone as cold as the ice and snow in the north pole. With her one sentence, ‘Does that mean only the words spoken by you, the Left Minister, count as words?’ immediately made the area around completely silent as numerous people held their breath.

    These were all crimes that were treacherous and offensive to the law.

    “Ridiculous. I, the Left Minister, revered the emperor and will even die for the emperor.When were there such comments?Miss Mu Rong, do not arbitrarily slander me.”

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