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Chapter 54-Judging the Party at Fault (10)

    Chapter 54-Judging the Party at Fault (10)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!! 6 chapter mass release~ Sorry for being late! Also, sorry for being so confused. I can’t really grasp if Liu Xin Qing and Liu Xin Ai are the Left Minister’s daughter or granddaughter. But it seemed like they are the granddaughters from this chapter… let’s just assume they are the granddaughters, yeah? hahah. Enjoy!

    The left minister’s face became stern as he heard the last sentence. Other crimes could be settled through discussion. However, the last crime, that is a crime that will result in the execution of whole clan.

    dop54-1“You claimed that I slandered you, Left Minister. Do you want me, the Princess Consort, to bring someone here as the evidence for you to refer? These words were not heard by just one person,including your third granddaughter, Liu Xin Qing behind you.” Pulling the black whip in her hands, Liu Yue’s face had a cold, hardened expression.

    The Left Minister immediately turned his head and casted Liu Xin Qing a glance. Liu Xin Qing knitted her brow and did not respond.

    “Look at that! This is the power of the Left Minister. The person involved didn’t dare to speak. Could it be that after tonight, the Crown Prince, King of Yi and Dragon Riders Guards that were present at that time would all recant and claim that they had heard nothing? Or maybe they would turn against me, the Princess Consort, and allege that I slandered you? It seemed like in this Tian Zhen Royal Court,Left Minister, your authority has even surpassed the…… ”

    “Miss Mu Rong.” Before Liu Yue could finish her sentence, the Left Minister suddenly interrupted harshly.

    Liu Yue’s eyes instantly shone coldly and and also roared: “Liu Cheng Qing. I, the Princess Consort, had kept in mind that you are an elder and also the Maternal Uncle of the Prince in this dynasty,so I yielded slightly in respect. But don’t you dare to think that I,Mu Rong Liu Yue, can be easily picked on. In this Tian Zhen Royal Court,you can’t hide the truth from the masses.”

    Each words and sentences relate back to the imperial throne. Such a big accusation, how would the Left Minister defend his stand?

    The atmosphere instantly turned hostile.

    If the Left Minster couldn’t regain his composure, then he could end up going against the Right Minister, King of Yi and General Mu Rong, these influential powers, all at the same time.

    Taking a deep breath,the Left Minister restrained the fiery anger within his chest and still appeared quite calmly.

    “I, I don’t mean that. ” When he was just about to speak, Liu Xin Ai unexpectedly stammered, “I just didn’t like her.I did not mean to disobey Emperor. I… I didn’t…didn’t…”

    As her comely amorous eyes saw the cold glances of Liu Yue, she unconsciously stammered the words “didn’t” for a quite some time and couldn’t continue her words.

    The Left Minister raised his eyebrows slightly as he heard Liu Xin Ai and his anger immediately vanished.

    He flashed a smile towards Liu Yue and said, “I see that my granddaughter had misspoken. Miss Mu Rong, a child’s tantrum should be ignored. Plus, my granddaughter did not have the thought of defying the Emperor. I believed that if the Emperor had heard this, he wouldn’t blame us. The Left Minster Faction do not dare to shoulder this crime.

    He paused for a moment and continued speaking, “As for the charge of slandering loyal ministers of the court, I am afraid Xin Ai had also spoken recklessly. I will visit General Mu Rong and apologize myself, so that this matter would not disrupt the harmony between you and my family.

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