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Chapter 55-Judging the Party at Fault (11)

    Chapter 55-Judging the Party at Fault (11)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

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    As for the rude behaviour towards Lady Mu Rong, Liu Xin Ai had to be punished for that. How could she be so impertinent and lacked manners? Xin Ai, come over here and apologize to the Lady.” He then turned and beckoned Xin Ai to come over. With three sentences, the Left Minister had dissolved all of Liu Yue’s judgement. He didn’t have decades of political experience in the court for nothing.

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    Liu Yue had actually expected this from the start. She could not rely on Liu Xin Ai’s slip of tongue to bring the Left Minister down. It was something that would never happen. She only said those words as a bluff, but her main goal was this.

    “Can an apology be enough?” Chilling words flew out from her mouth as Liu Yue grasped the long whip in her hands, smiling coldly.

    “Then what does Lady Mu Rong mean?” The Left Minister gathered his sleeves and looked at Liu Yue.

    “I meant you, the Left Minister. It’s your fault for not raising your granddaughter right. Don’t tell me you think that an apology is enough for all these?” her lips curling into a cold-blooded smile, Liu Yue lashed the whip in her hands on the ground once.

    Hearing that, Left Minister immediately frowned. Seemed like his method of avoiding the major charges while admitting minor ones had failed.

    He lifted his eyes and took a measure of Liu Yue. This girl was only thirteen years old, how could she have such a meticulous mind? Furthermore, she was ruthless in threatening others. If she grew up in the future, then…

    “You have to see who the master is when beating a dog. I, Mu Rong Liu Yue, will definitely not ignore this sequence of fault when charging someone for crimes.” Faintly narrowing her eyes, a flash of evil crossed her eyes.

    “Since you should just ignore a small kid’s rants, that’s fine, I, the Princess Consort wouldn’t argue with Liu Xin Ai. But it’s still the same old thing. If I don’t receive a satisfying compensation for this whole debacle today, nobody is allowed to go out of the Left Minister’s residence. You can only go in but not out.” Saying these tyrannical words, Liu Yue lashed her black whip again in front of the Left Minister’s Front Gate.

    With her cold-blooded look, that ordinary-looking face was actually emitting a razor-sharp intimidating aura.

    Hearing Liu Yue using his words against himself, his brows immediately twitched but he didn’t reply anything.

    In that moment, the whole air stood still.

    Although the surrounding crowd was not in the ten thousands, there should at least be hundreds to thousands. Yet no one dared to speak a single word. In this kind of situation, even the sound of a needle falling to the ground would probably be as loud as a detonating bomb.

    The two stared at each other in the silence.

    And at this moment, the palace was also in chaos. In the Tian Chen Palace, Tian Zhen Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi was frowning with headache facing the two powers of the harem, Empress Liu and Imperial Consort Chen. He could only gave them a bitter laugh.

    He only took Liu Yue as a kid. He thought as a kid, she could just hit back when she was bullied, so he had given her permission to do so.

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