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Chapter 56-Judging the Party at Fault (12)

    Chapter 56-Judging the Party at Fault (12)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

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    How would he know that Liu Yue’s guts was higher than the skies and that her behaviour was so absolute? She had actually went over to the Left Minister’s residence and beat all of his guards up. Even then, none of the guards were able to go past her. He really did not know what to say.

    “Your Majesty, you must back me up, your wife…The honourable Left Minister was disgraced by a little kid. If this ever gets out, it’s nothing much if it was only my father’s face that was disgraced, but it would also tarnish the reputation of Tian Zhen Empire!” Empress Liu droned on at Xuan Yuan Yi, full of resentment and dissatisfaction.

    Back her up? He also wanted to back her up, but he was the one who allowed Liu Yue to do that. How could he take back his words?

    “I have already given her my promise not to interfere in her business. I had also allowed her to give them a beating.” Xuan Yuan Yi knitted his brows once again.

    “Now she had already beaten all of them up, what else does she wants?” Empress Liu’s face was filled with resentment and anger.

    “But did she beat up anyone with the surname of Liu?” Imperial Consort Chen, who was standing at one side, asked the servant behind her with calculated and unhurried words.

    “No, she had only beaten up some servants. She didn’t touch a single hair on the Left Minister’s family, even the impertinent Miss Liu Xin Ai.” The servant behind her immediately replied.

    Imperial Consort Chen only nodded and murmured a little “Oh.”

    She didn’t say anything much, but she had blatantly laid her point in the open. The Emperor had promised Liu Yue to allow her to beat up the person who bullied her, which was the people with the surname of Liu. Since she still had not beaten them up yet, the Emperor’s words could not be counted as done.

    Xuan Yuan Yi sat in the middle of the two Consorts. Listening to both sides, it was difficult to make any decision.

    Hearing this, Empress Liu frowned and looked towards Imperial Consort Chen, “Little Sister, Liu Xin Ai was simply not sensible enough. Her words may be harsh and she would need to be punished. Liu Yue should just punish her alone, I wouldn’t complain at all. However, now she actually went to my father’s, the Left Minister, residence. What does she meant by doing that?”

    Seeing Empress Liu rebuking her words, Imperial Consort Chen immediately put on an easy smile and said, “That’s true. Servant Li, how did Liu Yue explain her behaviour?”

    “She said that it was a father’s fault for not raising his children well. Since his grandchild had made a mistake, she wanted to demand justice from the Left Minister.” Servant Li, who was serving behind Imperial Consort Chen, immediately bowed and replied to her question.

    Imperial Consort Chen smiled and nodded at her words, then turned towards Empress Liu’s ashen face. “Older Sister had also said that Liu Xin Ai was not sensible. She is already sixteen years old yet she had not learn polite manners or how to be sensible towards others. Naturally, it was the Left Minister’s fault for not raising her right. Although Liu Yue is still young, since she had already accepted the marriage bestowment, then she is considered an adult. How could an adult pick a fight with a child? Naturally, she will find another adult to resolve the problem. Don’t you think that’s right, older sister?

    Every sentence that came out from Imperial Consort Chen’s lips was logical and made sense; they almost caused Empress Liu to vomit blood in distress. However, she couldn’t think of anything to rebut her words.

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