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Chapter 58-Judging the Party at Fault (14)

    Chapter 58-Judging the Party at Fault (14)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

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    How would they know that Liu Yue had stayed inside Liu Li Palace, not because Xuan Yuan Che did not allow Liu Yue out for a month, but because Liu Yue was training to recover her skills. It was not that she couldn’t go out, she just didn’t have the time to go outside.

    “No need to ask him.” Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng gave a bitter laugh and said, “Third brother had just gone to Chaozhou. He said that he was going to bring the Dragon Rider Guards out for training.”

    This was clearly showing that he would not help them at all.

    The Tian Chen Palace fell into silence again, everyone was silent.

    As time passed by second by second, the sky slowly turned dark.

    dop55-1In front of Left Minister’s gate, Liu Yue had bought a piece of table, good wine and fine dishes, then calmly and unhurriedly dine right outside the Left Minister’s residence. She completely ignored the people panicking inside the Left Minister’s residence.

    In the palace, other ministers who had wanted to use this chance to gain favour with the Left Minister, had sent some messengers to the residence. Liu Yue had allowed them in, but she did not allow them out.

    With a lash of her black whip, the messengers who tried to go out were scared witless as they stumble back into the house. The Ministers could only send the messengers from the Palace, but they couldn’t go back. What to do now?

    As the night turned darker, lanterns were lighted up.

    The crowd of people watching in front of the Left Minister’s house did not disperse at all. There were even some people who brought chairs, ligted up some lanters and quietly watched from the side.

    Nobody tried to disperse them. Usually, there would be night guards that would impose curfews on the residence at night, but tonight, there were no guards that dared to interfere and disperse such a big crowd.

    Hence, everyone was very happy to have their way, as they sat and continued to watch the scene.

    Having eaten to her content, she put down a silver ingot and a servant immediately came over to clean the table. Liu Yue sat back and relaxed on her chair, closing her eyelids and pounding the whip in her palms. Her behaviour was as calm and composed.

    On the other hand, the remnants of the Front Gates in front of her looked ruined and desolate. It made the honourable Left Minister’s Residence looked even more pitiful than their neighbour’s simple house.

    The Left Minister did not stay outside at the front gate. Liu Xin Ai, Liu Xin Qing and the rest had also went inside. At the front gate, there were only guards keeping watch outside, who would steal a glance towards Liu Yue at times.

    Time quickly passed by, and the moon rose up in the sky.

    The silver light shone down upon the earth, cold yet full of dignity.

    Sitting on the chair quietly, almost looking like she’s asleep, Liu Yue looked so enchanting and beautiful under the moonlight.

    Her shadow was faintly discernible under the moonlight, her body seemed to melt into the dark. It was such a serene and alluring scene.

    The surrounding crowd still quietly watched, almost like there was only her in that place.

    As the moon sets in the west, dawn was about to break.

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