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Chapter 59-Judging the Party at Fault (15)

    Chapter 59-Judging the Party at Fault (15)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsor!! Last chapter of the night~ Woohoo! all DOP extra chapters are done! Oh, cliffy warning, maybe?

    The Left Minister’s Residence remained quiet and so did Liu Yue as the two confronted each other.

    “Here. Someone is leaving from here.” In the midst of silence, noisy voices were suddenly heard. Those around the right side of the Left Minister’s Residence sharply noticed that a person crawled out of doggy hole on the walls of the Left Minister’s Residence and darted into darkness. Hearing that, the escaping person immediately shrieked.

    Upon hearing the sounds, Liu Yue slowly opened her eyes. She sneered coldly and uttered, “I will only block the door. If the Left Minister wanted to crawl out through the doggy hole too, I will let him go. ”

    Her cool voice resounded in the dead night. After a moment of silence, someone among the crowd of onlookers burst out a laughter.

    This laugh seemed to possess a chain effect and then everyone started laughing. The sound of the boisterous laughter and chuckles in the dark night were extremely conspicuous and so scornful.

    In the midst of the laughters, the morning waking bell at the palace afar was struck and rang.

    It was about 5-7am. The time to go to the court.

    Loud footsteps was heard as brightly lit torches came into view. Suddenly, noises were heard from the Left Minister’s Residence that had been quiet all this time. Numerous fire torches glowed and shone, allowing the ground to be seen clearly.

    The Left Minister was in his court robes. His head adorned in a crown of peacock topped with a dragon pearl. He was also wearing his first-ranked official shoes. With a stern face, he stepped out of the door first.

    (Shiro: Ministers in Chinese Royal Court have ranks. First-ranked is the highest rank amongst the ministers.)

    Under the torches as bright as day, his full attire was radiated clearly.

    Behind the first ranked court robes, the Left Minister had both of his hands behind his back and his back was tied by a birch.This is… bearing a birch to offer a humble apology. The surrounding crowd immediately made an uproar in excitement.

    “It’s the father’s fault for not raising his children right. My granddaughter Liu Xin Ai had insulted and slandered the Princess Consort to the King of Yi that was appointed by the Emperor.It is my unshirkable responsibility. I am guilty and I will bear the birch and offer a humble apology to the emperor myself.”

    As he finished speaking, he looked sharply, full of anger, at Liu Yue and yelled, “Bring her here. ”

    dop551Immediately, some servants forcefully brought Liu Xin Ai out of the door and pushed her to kneel on the ground.

    “Since she is 16, she cannot escape the responsibility for the offense. According to the laws of the Tian Zhen Empire, the punishment for insulting a member of the Imperial Family is one hundred strokes with the large rod. Strike her now.” The Left Minister bellowed loudly as his face turned ashen.

    The servants behind him immediately forced the frightened Liu Xin Ai on the ground. Then, they lifted the rods in their hands and started to beat Liu Xin Ai’s backside with the rods.

    Noticing the cold glare from Liu Yue, they instantly did not dare to decrease the strength of their beating and beat Liu Xin Ai with their normal strength.

    At that moment, only the sound of the beatings could be heard.

    Liu Xin Ai have been pampered since childhood.She had never experience such pain and instantly bawled and cursed continually, “Mu Rong Liu Yue, you are a…”

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